EV-Drive Dealership Certification Program

Connecting Customers With Certified EV Dealers

We've created the EV-Drive Certification Program to help consumers and dealers better understand the many advantages of electric vehicles.

Dealership Resources

Resources to better understand and promote electric vehicles and the EV-Drive Program.

Logging Vehicle Sales

To record a sale, use this link! 

To receive EV sales bonuses, sales must be recorded and verified to an EWEB or EPUD electricity customer, preferably at the time of purchase. 

Customers will receive $100 for registering their vehicle.

When completing the financial paperwork for a vehicle sale, administrative staff can either:

  • Complete the form on behalf of the customer (customer will need to sign to finalize)
  • Set the customer up to complete the form either through a dealership computer or provide the link for them to complete on their phone.

Logging Test Drives

EWEB and EPUD customers who take a test drive at an EV-Drive Certified dealer can be entered to win $250. 

Encourage customers to log their test drives with this link!

Your dealership will also receive test drive cards which you can hand out to your customers to record their own test drive (limit one entry per month).


  • Sales staff informs the customer that EWEB/EPUD electric customers can win $250 for taking a test drive
  • Customer takes a test drive
  • Staff provides patron a business card with QR code and website for logging their test drive using their phone
  • Winners are drawn the first week of the month, among a pool of test drivers from the previous month

Questions about the EV-Drive Program? Contract Connor Herman at connorh@forthmobility.org

Dealer Engagement
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