Power to your parking lot

All around the country, businesses are installing electric vehicle charging stations and transforming their parking lots into power suppliers. 

Workplace charging is a big employee benefit, helping to attract and retain talent and making it easier for people to trade in their gas guzzlers for electric cars. With substantial tax incentives available in Oregon and Washington for businesses investing in workplace charging, now is the time to go electric.

Why workplace charging?

  • Attract and retain employees with a low-cost, high-impact benefit.

  • Get tax credits worth up to $30,000 in Oregon and be exempt from sales tax in Washington.

  • Build your reputation as a sustainability leader—69% of consumers say they care whether a company has a socially responsible business model.

  • Earn points toward LEED and other sustainability certifications.

Meet your future fleet

Electric vehicles mean less money for gas and maintenance and more money to grow your business. They’re reputation boosters, too, showing today’s consumers that you’re leading the way to a sustainable future.

Save big on cars: 

  • Federal tax incentives cut up to $7,500 from the up-front cost, and incentives in Oregon and Washington add even more savings. 

  • With minimal maintenance and no more gas bills, you could save thousands on day-to-day operational costs. 

E-bike instead: The company vehicle doesn’t have to be a car. Electric bikes are affordable, convenient and fun—and they’re free and easy to park at your office or out and about.

We’ll help you energize your parking lot or transform your fleet
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