While you’re charging…

Cook dinner. Give a presentation. Sleep. With a charging station at home, at work and at the grocery store, think of all the things you can do while filling up.

Easy as 1, 2, or 3

All electric cars come with a power cord so you can plug in and power up at home or on the go. Whether you charge overnight or in a hurry, there’s a charging station that’s right for you.

Though any electric car can charge on a standard household outlet, you can speed up your charge time by installing a dedicated electric vehicle charger at home or at work. Bonus: tax incentives can provide savings on purchase and installation.

Basic: Your typical household outlet provides a Level 1 charge.

8-15 hours for a full charge

Fast: Speed things up by installing a Level 2 charger in your garage, carport or office parking lot. 

3-6 hours for a full charge

DC Superfast: While you’re out, find these chargers to keep you moving. The Northwest has more public DC superfast chargers than any other region—and Forth and our partners are working to add even more. 

20-40 minutes for a full charge

Freedom to roam

From the coast to the countryside and everywhere in between, a vast network of charging stations lets you charge up when you’re out and about. 

Plan your electric outing or adventure:

Charging Options
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