Scooters are on a roll

People love them because they're easy, fun, and you can pick them up and drop them off just about anywhere. Plus, there are reduced fare opportunities for people in need. 

Fun, Fast & Green

Find a Scooter almost anywhere to get you where you need to go.

Unlock, step on and go. Feel the zip of an electric motor as you whiz past traffic.

Scooters are efficient and electric, which means less of every type of pollution.

Connect to Transit & Free Parking

Scooters take you to and from your bus or train. No more first mile/last mile headaches.

No more circling for a spot or paying for garage space. Just pull up to your destination and park respectfully by leaving space for pedestrians on the sidewalk.

Be Safe

Wear a helmet. People riding electric scooters are required to wear bicycle helmets. Helmets reduce the risk of head injury by 51%.

Stick to the streets. Sidewalks are for pedestrians. Scooters work great in bike lanes, multi-use paths and on low-stress side streets. E-scooters are prohibited in parks, except on park roads, in designated vehicle parking areas, or by permit. 

Keep Both Hands on the Bars. Don’t check your phone or carry anything in your hands.

No Passengers. They throw you off your balance.

Park Properly. Don’t block sidewalks or ramps.
Be sure to allow room for pedestrians to get past.

Reduced Fare Programs

If you qualify for assistance you can get scootering discounts of 50% off regular prices.

To Sign-up Go To:

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