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Application Support For CFI Community Program

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Application Support For CFI Community Program

Applications Now Open For Round 2

$1.3 billion available in this funding opportunity
$800 million for new applications and $521 million for select first-round applications

Charging and Fueling Infrastructure Grant Program

The Charging and Fueling Infrastructure (CFI) Grant Program is a federal grant program focused on deploying EV charging infrastructure across urban and rural communities, increasing access to publicly accessible charging in downtown areas, underserved and disadvantaged communities, local neighborhoods and other convenient charging locations.

Under the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, the program offers $2.5 billion through two primary funding streams: Community Charging and Fueling Grants (Community Program) and Alternative Fuel Corridors (Corridor Program). It requires that 50% of the funding over five years be made available for both categories.

Application Submission Deadline: August 28, 2024

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Eligibility Criteria: Community Program

  • Eligible Entities: State and local governments, Native American tribal governments, metropolitan planning organizations and State or local authorities with ownership of publicly accessible transportation facilities.

  • Project Focus: Publicly accessible EV charging infrastructure in parking facilities at public buildings, schools, parks and publicly accessible private properties in urban and rural communities.

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How Forth Can Support Applications

Forth, with funding from the GM Climate Fund and Mcknight Foundation, is assisting communities seeking the CFI funding in the following ways:

1. General Advice and Technical Assistance: Detailed technical support throughout the application process, ensuring that all required elements are thoroughly addressed.

2. Funding Match Support: Help identify and connect potential partners/sources to secure the 20% necessary project cost share to maximize your project’s impact.

3. Public Engagement Program Design: Design and manage meaningful community engagement to design and implement equitable charging programs.

4. Proposal Drafting Support: Draft key sections of proposals to maximize the odds of success.

5. Access to Resources and Tools: Provide access to valuable resources from Forth and other sources, including reports, recorded webinars and other tools to aid your application.

Simply fill out the form below and indicate the area you would like personalized support for your application.

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Forth Support in CFI Grants Round 1

In the first round of the CFI Grant, Forth advised 36 state and local governments, metropolitan planning organizations and other public-sector entities looking to apply for these competitive grants. We directly assisted 11 organizations with their applications, totaling $115 million.


Forth was amazing to work with! They quickly mobilized a team of experts to help coordinate a multi-city application package for the CFI Grant. The Forth team took on the bulk of the coordination and application preparation, working with City stakeholders to ensure our desired outcomes were achieved while preparing a highly competitive proposal. I’d highly recommend them for any future transportation electrification work.”
Nic Westendorf, Deputy Public Works Director, City of Tualatin - Public Works

CFI Grant Support
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