Through innovation, demonstration projects, advocacy and engagement, our mission is to advance electric, smart and shared transportation in the Pacific Northwest and beyond.


We bring together communities, car companies, industry partners, utilities and entrepreneurs to support business growth, create living-wage jobs and strengthen our economy.


We bring partners together to demonstrate new technologies in real-world projects that help improve our lives and expand mobility options.


We advocate for smart laws and policies that strengthen emerging mobility solutions and ensure cutting-edge technologies benefit us all.


We organize events and test drives to showcase the latest technologies and bring the fun, efficiency and money-saving benefits of electric and smart mobility to the masses. 

No matter where you're going, there are new ways to get there. And all of them lead Forth.

Before there was Forth...

We opened our doors as Drive Oregon in 2011, when the first mass-market electric vehicles were just coming to showrooms and "self-driving cars" were a science fiction fantasy. In 2017, after six years of advancing electric transportation-- and major changes in technology-- we became Forth.

Our growing vision includes a range of smart mobility approaches, a larger team, and new partners.

We are eager to see where the future takes us.

The Way Forth Forth is transforming the way we get around. Reserve Your Test Drive Forth on Facebook …