The Way Forth

Transforming the way we get around

Transforming the way we get around

Advancing electric, smart and shared transportation


We bring together communities, car companies, industry partners, utilities, and entrepreneurs to support business growth, create living-wage jobs and strengthen our economy.


We bring partners together to demonstrate new technologies in real-world projects that help improve our lives and expand mobility options.


We advocate for smart laws and policies that strengthen emerging mobility solutions and ensure cutting-edge technologies benefit us all.


We organize events and test drives to showcase the latest technologies and bring the fun, efficiency and money-saving benefits of electric and smart mobility to the public. 


• Impact. We are driven to make a difference, and we hold ourselves accountable for results.

• Teamwork. We build strong staff teams and strong partnerships with diverse organizations, and we are committed to building long term relationships.

• Innovation. We embrace change and adaptation. There is always a better way to do things, and we are constantly seeking it.

• Integrity. We do what we say we are going to do, and we acknowledge mistakes as learning opportunities.

• Respect. We actively seek out and respect diverse ideas, input, and perspectives. We elevate good ideas and best practices.

• Equity. We have a responsibility to challenge and disrupt institutional racism and other systems that deprive people of access to clean affordable mobility.

• Passion. We are driven by our mission and take joy in our work.


Forth Believes that electric and smart transportation have the ability to change our lives and our communities for the better.

We can only achieve our mission by making these technologies available to traditionally underserved communities. To accomplish this goal we also need to ensure that we are promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion within our operations as well as in our work. 

Learn more about our commitment to diversity, equity & inclusion
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