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White paper on Best Practices for Model Multifamily Charging Programs

White paper on Best Practices for Workplace Charging Programs

Report with actionable strategies and best practices to facilitate 
e-micromobility growth

Policy & program recommendations for government agencies to enhance environmental justice outcomes

Toolkit with model EV policies for public officials and advocates

Key actions to deliver more federal benefits faster to communities harmed most by vehicle pollution

Forth submitted its work  the Transportation Electrification Infrastructure Needs Analysis (TEINA) project to Oregon Governor, Kate Brown, to help move Oregon toward its transportation electrification (TE) goals

A vision for a charging infrastructure ecosystem that could efficiently, equitably and conveniently serve the diverse needs of all Electric Vehicle (EV) applications in the mass market.

As a new community of practice that sought to collaborate across differences, TEEM offered many lessons learned in its first year and will build on these in the actions it takes in the second year.

Electric vehicles and other forms of new mobility create an opportunity to disrupt racially-based patterns of inequality and exclusion.

Forth Mobility Fund 2020 Annual Report for the Oregon Clean Fuels Program

Forth's work with the Bloomberg American Cities Climate Challenge

Produced for the 32nd Electric Vehicle Symposium (EVS32) May, 2019

Our Report on Low-Income Carsharing

Our Proposed Consumer Engagement Strategy for Colorado

Our Report on City Transportation Electrification in the U.S.

Forth Municipal Right-of-Way Charging Report

Forth Electric Showcase 2019 Annual Report

Forth Mobility Fund 2019 Annual Report for the Oregon Clean Fuels Program

Transportation electrification strategies for utilities in the Pacific Northwest

A cost-benefit analysis of electric vehicles for Bonneville Power Administration customers. 

Our report on increasing access through ridesharing in underserved communities. 

This toolkit is designed to provide public officials and advocates with model EV policies.

A strategy for the city of Seattle, WA. to address racial equity and environmental justice while advancing electric and shared transportation. 

Transportation Electrification Strategies for Electric Utilities

EV Charging and Public Partnerships RFP Template

An Assessment of the Economic and Budgetary Impacts of Electric Vehicle Adoption in Oregon