Community Charging Rebates

Financial Support For Charging Infrastructure

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Financial Support For Charging Infrastructure

ODOT Community Charging Rebates

The Plugging In Oregon Community Charging Rebates program (CCR) is a multi-million dollar, multi-year program offering rebates to public and private entities to reduce the cost of purchasing, installing and maintaining qualified Level 2 EV charging equipment at publicly accessible parking locations and multi-family housing (MFH) throughout Oregon.

Funding will be disbursed in rounds that will launch over multiple years. The first round will launch in June 2023 and close in August 2023 with $1.75 million available. Rebates will be awarded on a first-come, first-served basis, with funding separated in two categories.

70% of the budget is allocated for projects in priority communities, including disadvantaged and rural communities, while 30% is allocated for all other projects. 

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Program Rebate Amounts

Rebate Eligibility

To apply for a rebate under the Program, eligible applicants must:

  1. Be a business, nonprofit organization or state, local or Tribal government entity. Businesses and nonprofits must be licensed to do business in Oregon, with a valid Oregon Business License.
  2.  Be the Site Owner of an eligible location or their Authorized Agent with a Site Host Agreement or Site Verification Form.

Federal government entities and individuals applying as individuals (not on behalf of an eligible applicant), including individual residents or tenants of multi-family housing are not eligible.

Technical Assistance

ODOT has contracted with Forth to provide technical assistance and support to applicants on their journey to installing EV charging. Whether you need basic information about installing and maintaining EV charging stations or assistance with submitting a rebate application – Forth is here to help! 

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Forth will host virtual informational sessions on the following days. Applicants interested in the Rebate are encouraged to attend.


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