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Mission & Vision


Our mission is to accelerate the use of smart transportation to move people and goods in a more efficient, cleaner, and equitable way.


We will achieve a cleaner environment and a stronger economy through the thoughtful implementation of connected, autonomous, shared, electric, fuel cell, and other smart transportation approaches, particularly for communities that have traditionally been excluded from new technology.

Focus Areas

Demonstrate Smart Transportation

  • We bring companies and communities together to test smart transportation technologies and business models. Our demonstration projects explore the benefits, practicality and viability of introducing these technologies in new areas. We draw on our diverse relationships and a collaborative process to discover best practices. We prioritize projects that are scalable, replicable and center equity in their design and implementation.

Accelerate Market Adoption

  • We partner with a broad range of organizations to help increase awareness, improve access, and demonstrate the benefits of smart transportation for potential consumers, especially in traditionally underserved communities. Our demonstration projects and our strong industry and stakeholder relationships help inform our efforts while our policy work helps accelerate innovation.

Strengthen the Industry Network

  • Smart transportation is quickly bringing diverse stakeholders together in new ways. As existing models of transportation are disrupted, an increasing number of organizations are recognizing new opportunities. One of our most important roles is to bring these diverse stakeholders together to share information, network, and collaborate while including communities that have traditionally been excluded from new technology. 

Advance Transportation Policy

  • Rapidly evolving smart transportation technologies and business models require new policies that effectively promote their adoption. Our practical experience, our extensive relationships, and our broad perspective help to make us effective. We focus on practical policies that promote innovation, remove barriers to new technologies, grow the industry, and benefit traditionally underserved communities.

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