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Mission & Vision

Mission: Forth's mission is to electrify transportation by bringing people together to create solutions that reduce pollution and barriers to access.

Vision: Forth envisions a world where clean and equitable transportation systems move everyone and everything.

Approach: We work in partnership to build lasting program and policy models that significantly expand equitable access to electric transportation in the U.S. and beyond. By 2030, we will implement a portfolio of these transformative models at scale to meet the urgent need for zero-emission, affordable and accessible transportation.

Focus Areas

Access to Electric Cars 

  • National EV outreach and education
  • Financial tools to reduce cost barriers to EV adoption
  • EV Carsharing for organizations to offer community members
  • Helping gig drivers go electric

Access to Charging 

  • Ensuring public charging investments are efficient, effective, and grounded in equity
  • Making it as cheap and easy to charge at work as it is to park 
  • Make it as cheap and easy to charge in an apartment as in a single-family home

Emerging Modes

  • Micromobility
  • Electric School Buses
  • Electric Agrictulture

Advancing Policy  

  • Strengthening equity partnerships to advance transportation electrification
  • Influencing transportation electrification at the federal level
  • Advancing electric transportation in states
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