Accelerating EV Adoption for Gig Drivers

Mar 12th 10AM to 11AM PST

Identifying pathways to accelerate the EV adoption among gig drivers

Accelerating EV Adoption for Gig Drivers

Switching to EVs can save thousands of dollars in fueling and maintenance costs for gig drivers. However, upfront costs, charging times and a lack of familiarity create barriers. Options to alleviate barriers to EV adoption for gig drivers include addressing financial challenges, analyzing the charging infrastructure gaps and workforce training and development.

In this webinar, we will share use cases and testimonials of EV rideshare drivers and explore the most effective methods to encourage EV adoption among them with insights from the WestSmart @ Scale study, the Ways to Work financing program and others.

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Gabe Ets-Hokin, EV and Vehicle Writer, The Rideshare Guy

Gabe Ets-Hokin is a leading proponent of using clean mobility for app-based passenger transport and food delivery. He has written for dozens of transportation-related publications and is the EV expert at The Rideshare Guy. His new media platform, EVMoney, covers the intersection of electrified mobility and business and can be found at


Ian Sergeant, Program Manager, Forth

Ian is a Program Manager on our Access to Electric Vehicles team. His work is focused on projects related to education and adoption of EVs for TNC drivers. He previously worked as a rideshare driver in an all-electric car. Ian created a nonprofit with the mission of bridging the political divide between residents of Cuba and the U.S. through culturally immersive educational tours to Cuba.

Amy Corbett, Chief Program Officer, Metropolitan Family Service

Amy has been instrumental in designing, managing and delivering innovative programs at Metropolitan Family Service (MFS) that address complex social issues and needs through collaboration and community partnerships. She has worked at MFS since 2001 and was instrumental in starting the MFS Ways to Work program in 2006. This effort supported low income families, with challenged credit, access below market rate loans for automobiles to get to work, their children to school, and improve their credit. The program is now aligned with our Portland Clean Energy Fund partnership and has been rebranded as MFS Portland Electric Ways to Work. This work helps low income individuals and families access incentives, rebates, and below market rate loans for EVs, PHEVS, e-bikes and hybrids in Portland, Oregon.

Jarvis Murray, For-Hire Transportation Administrator, Los Angeles Department of Transportation

Since 2016, Jarvis has been the For-Hire Policy & Enforcement Administrator for the City of Los Angeles which includes regulating taxicabs, medical transportation, shuttles, carshare, bikeshare, dockless scooters, delivery robots and other private vehicles modes for the City. As part of his role, he is tasked with directing policy for these industries and working with stakeholders to develop partnerships, improve technology, and manage the regulatory environment in a way that protects the public, while still allowing operators to run a business. Jarvis is a licensed California Attorney and prior to joining the public sector practiced general litigation in the private sector which included representation of Taxicab Companies in personal injury and contractual disputes.