Accelerating the Used EV Market

Feb 13th 10AM to 11AM PST

Making EVs Affordable to More Drivers

Accelerating the Used EV Market

Electric vehicle adoption is accelerating rapidly, but affordability remains a critical concern for consumers. Even with federal and state incentives, new electric vehicles remain too expensive for many buyers. In general, a used vehicle is the most common route to car ownership. But given the lack of available inventory and high costs, used electric vehicles are often not a viable option. 

In this webinar, we’ll discuss opportunities and strategies for bridging the gap in affordability for electric vehicles. Speakers will discuss the pros and cons of used EVs, financing options and how best to bring affordable electric cars to all.

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Scott Case, CEO, Recurrent

Scott Case is the co-founder and CEO of Recurrent, a data science company committed to making it easier for people to buy and own electric vehicles. Prior to founding Recurrent, Scott spent 10 years as Chief Operating Officer at an energy efficiency software company called EnergySavvy. Scott is the 2019 - 2020 Entrepreneur-in-Residence at University of Washington’s Clean Energy Institute and a co-founder of Ada Developers Academy, a non-profit training program for women and gender-diverse individuals going into software engineering.



JR Anderson, Program Manager, Forth

JR Anderson serves as Forth's Program Manager for the Access to Cars team, with a focus on consumer engagements. He was hired as one of the first salespeople for Tesla in 2009 and EVs continue to intrigue him. JR is very passionate about sustainability, nature, and our planet.

Katherine Garcia, Clean Transportation for All Director, Sierra Club

Katherine leads the Sierra Club’s efforts to accelerate clean transportation policy and investments. She is deeply committed to reducing transportation emissions to improve air quality and address the climate crisis. She serves on the National Center for Sustainable Transportation Leadership Council. Previously, she served as the clean transportation advocate at the Sierra Club California Chapter. Prior to joining the Sierra Club, Katherine was a member of the founding team that launched the Center for Open Data Enterprise in Washington, D.C., where she advocated for open government data.

Shelby Strangfeld, Senior Sales Engineer, Cox Automotive EV Battery Solutions

Shelby Strangfeld is a seasoned expert in battery remanufacturing with over five years of industry experience. Shelby's career journey began as a process engineer at Spiers New Technologies (now Cox Automotive's EV Battery Solutions), where he played a pivotal role in spearheading Re-X projects for various Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) in both North America and the European Union. His extensive portfolio covers Battery Electric Vehicles (BEVs), Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEVs), and Fuel Cell Hybrid Electric Vehicles (FHEVs). Shelby has also worked closely with industry leaders, conducting root cause analyses on critical batteries. This experience has afforded him a profound understanding of battery structures and internal designs, making him a trusted authority in remanufacturing. As a sales engineer, Shelby is dedicated to assisting OEMs in establishing and optimizing Re-X projects, leveraging his wealth of knowledge to deliver exceptional results.