An EV Buyers’ Journey

Sep 24th 6PM to 7PM PST


Ask An Owner!

An EV Buyers’ Journey

Thinking of purchasing an electric vehicle? Join us for testimonials from electric vehicle owners and experts. To celebrate National Drive Electric Week, Forth has organized a webinar to give electric vehicle owners a platform to share their journeys going electric. Each of the drivers speaking owns a different brand of electric vehicle. We want to connect people’s questions about electric vehicles and the purchasing process with a community that can share their experience


The EVening Commute

The EVening Commute is a less technical webinar series than Forth’s regularly scheduled industry webinars and panels. Focused on a more generalist audience of EV and automotive enthusiasts, it will feature a variety of engaging topics such as EV expert Q&As, home charging, incentives and rebates, EVs helping out during COVID-19, e-bikes and electric motorcycles, and other exciting emerging topics.