Dallas Virtual National Drive Electric Week Event

Sep 26th 11AM to 1PM PST


Dallas Virtual National Drive Electric Week Event

In this two-part event, we'll have EV owner videos--some about powering up with solar electricity--an EV 101 Pioneers Panel featuring Plug In America co-founders with info on going electric for the first time, a video from Chevrolet produced exclusively for our event, and other highlights, all moderated by long-time EV activists and owners Alexandra Paul (a.k.a. an original "Baywatch" actress) and Marvin Campbell. We'll even display a Tesla Cybertruck recreated out of recycled plastic. We're extra excited to announce a historic discussion titled, "Birth of the EV Movement--And Where We Must Go Now," reuniting none other than Chris Paine, director of "Who Killed the Electric Car?" Chelsea Sexton, the documentary's main figure and one of the world's top EV experts, and other early activists from the film without whom we are sure EVs wouldn't be commonplace today.

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