Electrified Community Carsharing

Jan 26th 10AM to 11AM PST


We will hear from speakers on carsharing projects and platforms.

Electrified Community Carsharing

Electric carsharing can reduce reliance on private cars and increase the use of more sustainable transportation options. Electric carsharing can also greatly benefit underserved communities, often disproportionately affected by air pollution and located farther away from public transportation services.

The carsharing sector continues to expand and change, with new players entering the space, new technologies becoming available, and consumer preferences shifting.

Several programs in progress in Denver, Los Angeles and other cities to demonstrate the benefits of electric transportation and bridge the gap to accessibleclean transportation. 

In this webinar, we will highlight the progress of the Clean Rural Shared Electric Mobility (CRuSE) project in Hood River, OR. CRuSE seeks to bring all-electric carsharing to rural communities and make them more accessible for low-income residents. We will also hear from guest speakers on other projects and carsharing platforms. 

Kelly Yearick, Program Manager at Forth will join Peter Krahenbuhl, CEO and Executive Director at Colorado CarShare, Nick DiPrima, Director Of Business Development at Wunder Mobility, and Juan Carlos (J.C.) Garcia Sanchez, Environmental Justice Policy Analyst at the Policy Institute for Energy, Economy and the Environment at University of California Davis


Nick DiPrima, Director Of Business Development at Wunder Mobility

Nick DiPrima is the Business Development Director for Wunder Mobility and brings over 15 years of experience working on rental and sharing programs for Verizon Wireless, Harley-Davidson, Hertz, and Enterprise. Nick helped Wunder Mobility to launch it's popular European sharing platform into North America two years ago. The Wunder Rent software platform, his primary focus, is a unique turnkey solution being used today to administer self-service shared vehicle fleets of all sizes for municipal fleets, corporate fleets, as well as sharing and subscription rental operations.

Peter Krahenbuhl, CEO and Executive DirectorColorado CarShare

Peter is a sustainability, business development and communications leader with years of experience working with the private sector, governmental and non-governmental organizations. As Co-founder and former President of Sustainable Travel International (STI), he helped develop and grow a start-up organization into a global industry leader with outreach in the millions. At the beginning of 2017 Peter accepted the role of CEO with eGo Carshare, where he currently utilizes his strategic planning, partnerships and development skills in the emerging field of multi-modal, sustainable and socially equitable mobility, in order to position the organization to succeed in a highly competitive market

Juan Carlos (J.C.) Garcia Sanchez, Environmental Justice Policy Analyst at the Policy Institute for Energy, Economy and the Environment at University of California Davis

Juan Carlos (J.C.) Garcia Sanchez is the Environmental Justice Policy Analyst at the Policy Institute for Energy, Economy and the Environment at UC Davis. In this role, J.C. provides an equity and environmental justice lens to the on-going research projects at the Institute of Transportation Studies.  J.C. engages with researchers, community stakeholders, and policy leaders with the goal of increasing access to mobility and transportation resources for historically marginalized communities in California. Prior to this work J.C. was a lecturer at Cal Poly Pomona and adjunct faculty in various community colleges across Southern California. J.C. holds a M.A. in Geography and the Environment from CSU, Fullerton.

Kelly Yearick, Program Manager, Forth

 Kelly Yearick is a Program Manager at Forth where she leads programs to boost electric vehicle adoption and access to shared electric transportation. Her experience at Forth includes managing large Federal and State-funded projects with diverse stakeholder groups. Kelly leads Forth’s workplace engagement program in Oregon, as well as in several cities in other states under the Bloomberg American Climate Cities Challenge. Kelly holds a Master’s in Environmental Management and Sustainability from Portland State University, a B.S. from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and sits on the board of Solar Oregon.