Everything You Need to Know on Right of Way EV Charging

Apr 7th 10AM to 11AM PST

Exploring promising models and strategies to make charging a car as easy as parking it

Everything You Need to Know on Right of Way EV Charging

On October 24, 2013, eight state governors signed a memorandum of understanding committing to actions to ensure the successful implementation of their state zero-emission vehicle  (ZEV) programs. These programs included goals on ZEV cars on the road by a specific timeline, available charging station infrastructure and more. To drive the adoption of EVs to meet the goals set by the cities, infrastructure must be readily available to meet the needs of the masses. In November 2019, the City of Los Angeles added more than 130 public electric vehicle charging stations to city light poles with plans to add more each year. 

At this webinar, our speakers will explore promising models and strategies to make charging a car as easy as parking it. Forth Program Manager, Erin Galiger will be joined by  Michael Samulon, Senior Policy Analyst, Sustainability of the Office of Los Angeles Mayor Eric GarcettiSarah Moore, Sustainability Program Manager, City of Berkeley and Jennifer Venema, Sustainability Manager, City of Sacramentofor a highlight on current public charging pilots and programs, the challenges of public charging infrastructure and a vision of the future of public charging and EV adoption. 


Erin Galiger, Program Manager, Forth 

Erin leads pilot programs and is a charging infrastructure subject matter expert. Her background is as a Product Manager for charging infrastructure product lines, including the development and deployment of high power chargers. Erin grew up in Chicago and received her BS in Electrical Engineering from the University of Denver.

Michael Samulon, Senior Policy Analyst, Sustainability, Office of Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti

Michael heads up transportation electrification efforts in the Sustainability Office of Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti. His focus is on reducing greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution through electrification. He has overseen the deployment of over 900 electric vehicles in the City fleet, charging infrastructure for employees, fleets and the public, and runs the City's monthly EV Task Force. Michael is working on long term infrastructure planning with LADWP, LA Metro and the Port of Los Angeles in anticipation of a fully electrified bus fleet and goods movement sector.

Sarah Moore, Sustainability Program Manager, City of Berkeley

Sarah Moore is the Sustainability Program Manager in the City of Berkeley’s Office of Energy & Sustainable Development. She works on implementing Berkeley's climate action goals with a specific focus on incorporating green, sustainable features into buildings and advancing active and electric mobility as a means of reducing the greenhouse gas emissions associated with transportation. She has a master’s degree in urban and regional planning from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign.

Jennifer Venema, Sustainability Manager, City of Sacramento

Jessica serves as Sustainability Manager for the City of Sacramento’s Department of Public Works. She led the preparation of the City’s first EV Strategy and is supporting the advance of numerous EV initiatives, including Electrify America’s Green City, or “Sac-to-Zero,” initiatives in Sacramento. These efforts include the launch of one of the nation’s largest electric car share programs. She managed the City’s first curbside EV charging pilot in partnership with EVgo, which launched in California in May 2019 as the first high-power curbside charging project in California. Her responsibilities include a range of policy and implementation efforts, from the City’s climate action efforts to renewable energy procurements.