Next Level Power: Inductive Charging

Feb 23rd 10AM to 11AM PST

Could charging be as easy as parking your car?

Next Level Power: Inductive Charging

Could charging be as easy as parking your car? 

Wireless EV charging, also known as inductive charging, provides drivers the opportunity to fuel-up without plugging in. 

Inductive charging isn’t just for parked vehicles. In 2019, Sweden broke ground on a prototype for an in-road wireless charging network designed to power commercial and public transit vehicles while they drive. 

Many projects are on the way around the globe to highlight the feasibility of inductive charging. Auto manufacturers like BMW, Jaguar Land Rover, Volvo, and others are stepping in with investments and pilots. In 2019, BMW launched a pilot program in California for an inductive charging system that's compatible with the 5-series plug-in hybrid.

In this webinar, Forth will be joined by panelists to discuss the wireless charging standard, current pilots, programs, and more. 


Whit Jamieson, Program Associate, Forth 

Whit applies his technical expertise to the Go Forth Electric Showcase and at ride and drive events. Prior to joining Forth, he spearheaded a team that secured funding for six level-2 electric vehicle charging stations on Western Washington University’s campus where he earned a B.S. in Energy Systems Sciences.


Nikki Gordon-Bloomfield, Founder and Lead Presenter, Transport Evolved

Self-confessed nerd and adoptive mom, Nikki has been talking and writing about cars ever since she passed her driving test. But her love of cars goes back even further than that. In 2006, Nikki purchased her first electric vehicle, a 250 watt electric scooter. While she’d planned to use it as transport while she converted her 1965 Morris Minor to electric, the old car’s rusty state forced her a different way, resulting in her buying a 1998 City El electric bubble car instead. Driven by a desire to tell others about electric cars, Nikki soon found her original profession — that of a classical oboist and music teacher — was beginning to take a back seat to her advocacy.

Michael McHaleChief Marketing & Communications Officer, Momentum Dynamics Corporation  

Michael McHale is CMO and Chief Communications Officer for Momentum Dynamics.  McHale joined Momentum from Rivian, whom he joined in 2018 after 11 years as Director, Corporate Communications at Subaru of America.  During McHale's tenure, Subaru received numerous product and company awards such as the prestigious Motor Trend Sport/Utility of the Year three times.  Prior to Subaru, McHale was Manager of Corporate Communications for BMW NA and prior to that he was Manager, Communications at MINI USA for the launch of the brand in the US in 2001. McHale was named an Automotive News All-Star in 2015 and has a degree in Engineering from Coventry University and a Master's degree in Engineering Business Management from Warwick University, UK. McHale began his working life as an Engineer at Land Rover in the UK, progressing through a number of management roles before beginning his vocation in Communications at Land Rover UK.

Laurent De Vroey PhD, Head of Green Mobility, ENGIE Research

Laurent De Vroey is an electromechanical engineer from the University of Louvain (Belgium). He got a PhD from both the University of Louvain and the Ecole Normale Supérieure de Cachan (France). Laurent has been with the ENGIE utility group for 12 years, where he is heading the green mobility research activity. Laurent’s team is working on new mobility solutions and related infrastructure, charging infrastructure assessment, charging software development and integration of electric vehicles in a broader energetic ecosystem. Among others, Laurent has conducted several charging infrastructure assessments around the world, including conductive and inductive solutions. He has performed impact evaluations of fast charging, smart charging and vehicle-to-grid on electric vehicle ageing. He also evaluated the practical feasibility of several smart charging scenarii in real conditions. He has coordinated the development of SMATCH, the EV smart charging solution of ENGIE. Laurent is the author or co-author of several publications related to electric vehicles, EV charging and energy management.


Momentum Dynamics