Port Electrification Strategies and Programs

Apr 27th 10AM to 11AM PST


We will highlight current strategies, economic and environmental benefits of port electrification.

Port Electrification Strategies and Programs

Ports are vital in the way we move billions of tons of global commerce, annually. Port electrification can impact the environmental and economic well-being of local communities.

Utilities serving ports could seek partnerships with port authorities to promote electrification strategies, which in turn could enhance economic growth and minimize environmental impact.

From installing electric charging stations, electrifying shuttles, and the vehicles used to move the goods, the potential to decrease the emissions through port electrification is very high. 

The Volvo LIGHTS project in Southern California is an example of transforming goods movement by introducing zero-emission battery-electric trucks and equipment into the market at scale. The Port of Portland, Oregon climate change strategy focuses on reducing greenhouse gas emissions and adapting to changing climate. With a commitment to 100 percent renewable electricity the port is electrifying fleet and installing charging stations.

This webinar will highlight current strategies to electrify ports and the economic and environmental benefits of port electrification.


Barrett Brown, Program Manager at Forth

Barrett manages the TNC electrification program at Forth. Previously, he worked in micro-mobility running operations for a startup in Portland in addition to Citibike in New York. He holds a B.A. in Media Studies with a focus in journalism he attained from Fordham University while working full time as a Paramedic.


Aravind Kailas, Policy Director at Volvo Group Advanced Technology 

Dr. Aravind Kailas is the Advanced Technology Policy Director at Volvo Group, where he oversees policy development, technology outreach, and public engagement strategies to further Volvo’s interests in automated driving, electromobility, and connectivity. By promoting key corporate positions and creative assets in various fora, Dr. Kailas has been instrumental in enhancing Volvo’s technology thought leadership. Dr. Kailas also spearheaded local stakeholder development for introducing Volvo’s electromobility solutions in North America.

Michael Huggins, Senior Manager, Landside Operations Manager at Portland International Airport, Port of Portland

Michael joined the Port of Portland as their Senior Manager for Landside Operations in 2007. His responsibilities include the management of the over 17,000-stall public and employee parking operations, the airport shuttle bus operations, and ground transportation regulations and operations. Prior to Portland, Michael held positions in landside and terminal operations management in his just over 10 years with the Port of Seattle. Michael has also held a teaching position as Adjunct Faculty with Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University instructing in courses from Airport Operations and Management to Airport Planning and Design.