The Green Energy and Mobility (GEM) Project

The Green Energy & Mobility (GEM) Project provides clean transportation opportunities and renewable energy to the Bybee Lakes Hope Center and Las Adelitas at Hacienda CDC, two locations that offer shelter services and housing for historically underserved communities in Portland.

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Bybee Lakes Hope Center

Bybee Lakes Hope Center will receive two all-electric, ADA-accessible EV-Star minibuses to connect participants to jobs, housing, public transit and recreational opportunities, and will provide a key tool for street outreach services.

Portland-based e-bike company, V Volt, will provide 30 e-bikes for participants of the center to check out to access essential services such as employment, transit and basic needs. 

Bybee Lakes will be part of a study focused on site decarbonization, lower building system operating costs, energy efficiency and resiliency.

Las Adelitas

Hacienda CDC’s Las Adelitas is a 142-unit affordable housing development in the Cully neighborhood.

The location will receive an EV-Star minibus for community and staff use. 

GEM and the Portland Clean Energy Fund

The GEM project has been made possible through funding entirely by the City of Portland, Portland Clean Energy Community Benefits Fund.  Approved by voters in 2018, the Portland Clean Energy Community Benefits Fund (PCEF) invests in community-led projects that reduce carbon emissions, create economic opportunity, and help make our city more resilient as we face a changing climate. 

In the next five years, PCEF will invest over $700 million in community-led clean energy projects and climate solutions like energy-efficient upgrades to make apartment buildings safer and more comfortable during extreme heat and tree planting to increase shade in East Portland neighborhoods.

Contact our GEM Program Manager, Pramodh Jacob here.

Green Energy & Mobility
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