Fall Monthly Networking Event Schedule

August 14, 2017

By: Forth

Each month, Forth hosts networking events to highlight emerging topics in the electric, shared and smart mobility industry. We're thrilled to announce that beginning in September we'll be hosting these events in Seattle, as well as Portland! The goal of these events is to bring together stakeholders to discuss how the industry is evolving, and how this growth can be accelerated. In addition to our monthly events, Forth is hosting several electric vehicle Ride and Drive events as part of our ongoing efforts to engage consumers. 

September 2017

  • September 7: Electric Car Charging: The New Bike Rack? (Seattle, WA)
    Just as Washington has increasingly supported bike commuters with infrastructure, it is now developing the infrastructure to support clean electric mobility. Our speakers will describe the growing markets for electric vehicles and charging infrastructure, and how they are changing the region’s mobility landscape.
  • September 9- 16: National Drive Electric Week (OR & WA)
    As part of National Drive Electric Week, Forth is hosting two electric vehicle Ride & Drive events. These events are free and open to the public.

          September 9: Denny Park Electric Vehicle Ride &                 Drive (Seattle, WA)
          September 10: Eugene Electric Vehicle Ride &                      Drive (Eugene, OR)

  • September 21: The Future of Freight (Portland, OR)
    The transportation industry is seeing major disruptions from new technological advances in connected and autonomous vehicles, electrification, and other breakthroughs. While autonomous cars and consumer technologies tend to dominate headlines, these technologies have the potential to have even larger impacts on freight. Join us for a discussion around cutting edge technologies that are already being tested and deployed, as well as those that are likely to shape freight movement in the years to come.

October 2017

  • October 4: The Future of Mobility: Autonomous, Connected, Electric & Shared (Seattle, WA)
    Personal mobility is being dramatically transformed by a convergence of new technologies; it is increasingly autonomous, connected, electric, and shared. Most automakers are moving rapidly to become mobility service providers, rather than simply producing vehicles. Our speakers will highlight how General Motors has been a pioneer in this space, from the launch of OnStar 20 years ago to today's car sharing app, Maven, and the affordable, long range Chevy Bolt.
  • October 14: Bellingham Electric Vehicle Ride & Drive (Bellingham, WA)
    Come celebrate the fall harvest with an electric vehicle test drive! Forth and Puget Sound Energy are hosting a ride and drive event open to the general public. 
  • October 19: Global Industry Highlights (Portland, OR)
    The Electric Vehicle Symposium is the largest electric mobility conference in the world. Each year, Forth takes several member companies to exhibit at EVS, which rotates between Europe, North America, and Asia. Join us on our return to hear about the highlights of this event, lessons learned from experiences overseas and emerging global industry trends.

November 2017 

  • November 4: Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium Electric Vehicle Ride & Drive (Tacoma, WA)
    Forth, along with Tacoma Power and the Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium, is hosting a Ride and Drive event open to the general public.
  • November 9: Expanding Fast Charging (Seattle, WA)
    Current 50kW DC fast chargers can add 200 miles of range in an hour of charging, but even faster 100-200kW fast chargers are now being introduced as well. Join us to learn about efforts underway that will dramatically expand Washington’s fast charging network over the coming year, and how these increasingly fast and common fast chargers are driving transportation electrification in the region.
  • November 16: Charging Up at Work (Portland, OR)
    The United States Department of Energy managed a voluntary Workplace Charging Challenge from 2013-2016, during which Forth was the nation’s most effective recruiter. Our speakers will review the benefits of workplace charging; strategies for making charging at work hassle-free; new Oregon legislation that gives more power to companies renting office space to negotiate with their landlords; and what’s next now that the USDOE program has ended.

December 2017

Celebrate the holiday season - and the growth that the electric, shared and smart mobility industry has experienced over the past twelve months! Executive Director Jeff Allen will give a brief recap of the biggest local and national news of 2017, and toast the forward movement of our industry.

Fall Monthly Networking Event Schedule
Each month, Forth hosts networking events to highlight emerging topics in the electric, shared and smart mobility industry. We're thrilled to announce that beginning in September we'll be hosting thes...