Forth Presents First-Ever Roadmap Awards

June 18, 2019

By: Forth

As part of this year’s Roadmap Conference, Forth presented the inaugural Roadmap Awards to honor the individuals and organizations providing us all with a road map to a more sustainable mobility future.

We celebrated select individuals, companies and organizations advancing electric, shared and smart transportation in the categories of Public Sector Leadership, Private Sector Leadership, Community Partnership, Research and Career Achievement. The awards were presented at a reception on Tuesday, June 18 following the first day of the conference. “As our industry continues to grow, it’s more important than ever to recognize those who are providing us with the ‘roadmap’ to a clean mobility future,” said Jeff Allen, Forth’s Executive Director.


Portland General Electric installed the first fast charger in the United States and created the first “Electric Avenue” that brought together multiple charging stations on a single street. PGE has been a strong advocate for electric mobility and announced plans for the nation’s first major renewable energy facility that will integrate solar, wind, and battery storage. “PGE is honored to be recognized for our leadership in promoting electric mobility and a clean energy future,” said PGE President and CEO Maria Pope. “Forth has been a tremendous partner as we work to reduce vehicle emissions and deliver electric transportation options that will benefit all Oregonians.”

PUBLIC SECTOR LEADERSHIP AWARD – Patty Monahan, California Energy CommissionMs. Monahan was recently appointed by Governor Gavin Newsom to be one of five commissioners on the California Energy Commission, and the lead commissioner on transportation. Her diverse career in the government and nonprofit sector as a passionate advocate for clean mobility includes a decade as transportation program director at the Energy Foundation and serving with the Union of Concerned Scientists and the US EPA. “It is such a true privilege to win this award from an organization that I so deeply respect and at an EV conference that I have for years touted as the best in the US,” said Monahan.

COMMUNITY PARTNER AWARD – exemplifying leadership to ensure that communities of color or other traditionally marginalized communities are included in and benefit from electric, smart and shared mobility. – EVHybridNoire

EVHybridNoire has built the nation’s largest network of diverse EV drivers. Providing vehicle reviews, education, focus groups, events, consulting, and more, they have quickly emerged as a powerful and passionate voice for a more inclusive advanced mobility industry. “We are humbled and honored to be recognized for EVHybridNoire's work which for us isn't really work but a labor of love mixed with our quest for moving equity/inclusion forward in the ecosystem sprinkled with our passion for the work,” said Shelley Francis of EVHybridNoire.

RESEARCH AWARD – The Institute of Transportation Studies at the University of California, Davis

Since its founding by Dan Sperling in 1991, ITS has emerged as a global leader in sustainable mobility research. Its many programs include the Plug-in Hybrid & Electric Vehicle Research Center, the China Center on Energy and Transportation, and its 3 Revolutions Future Mobility Program.“We are honored to receive this award,” said Sperling. “It reaffirms the commitment of ITS-Davis to bring science to policy, especially with respect to the electrification of transportation.”

CAREER ACHIEVEMENT AWARD – Takafumi Anegawa, Tokyo Electric Power.

Mr. Anegawa led the development of the CHAdeMO fast charging standard and Association in 2010 and currently serves as President of that Association as well as President of TEPCO Research Institute. His career shows the importance of bringing diverse stakeholders in the electric mobility ecosystem together to make progress. “It is my great honor to get such a distinguished award from Forth,” said Mr. Anegawa. “Realistic deployment of electric vehicles has just begun. Now, let’s collaborate to change the world.”

Forth's Roadmap Conference is the nation's largest and most advanced annual conference on electric and smart mobility. It is held annually in Portland, Oregon.

Forth Presents First-Ever Roadmap Awards
As part of this year’s Roadmap Conference, Forth presented the inaugural Roadmap Awards to honor the individuals and organizations providing us all with a road map to a more sustainable mobility futur...