Previewing the 2021 Roadmap Program Highlights and Award Winners

June 8, 2021

By: Christal Beauclaire, Events & Marketing Associate

Forth’s Roadmap Conference is fast approaching, with June 14-16 just around the corner. Behind the scenes, I am part of the team that is connecting with speakers, sponsors, Roadmap Award winners, youth DJs and attendees from across the globe to make this year’s virtual Roadmap Conference a can't-miss event.

Roadmap is about building effective pathways to a clean and equitable transportation future and networking with others in the smart transportation ecosystem. These pathways intersect, are always evolving, and are unique for every stakeholder involved--from policymakers to companies, utilities, NGOs and communities. That’s why Forth continues the annual tradition of Roadmap, even when a pandemic takes it virtual. Every year we bring cutting-edge conversations to you and every year we see the impact from the connections made and the transformative ideas shared at the conference.

I’m glad to share with you some of the amazing 2021 Roadmap program highlights that I’m looking forward to. Another tradition we’re excited to continue is the Roadmap Awards, recognizing individuals, companies, and organizations for their contributions to advance electric, shared, and smart transportation.  

With a full three days, packed with essential content, here’s a snapshot of a few of the sessions I’m most excited for!

The Vehicles Track focuses on the rapid electrification of cars, trucks, buses and other vehicles, as well as new forms of shared, autonomous and micromobility. 

  • Margarita Parra, Leslie Kilgore, Erika Myers and Johanna Vicente discuss the challenges and opportunities to Scale Electric School Bus Adoption on Day 1.
  • Micromobility leaders Samantha Herr, Brodie Hylton, Creighton Randall and Michael Schwartz will discuss the prospects for Micromobility Advancements in a post-COVID world on Day 2.

The Charging Track explores how to make charging faster and more accessible, maximize benefits for the electrical grid, and ensure the infrastructure can support millions of new vehicles and drivers. 

  • Start Planning for Plugs with Diane Turchetta, Daniel Francis, Wayne Killen, Lucy McKenzie and Amanda Pietz, as they address what charging needs are required after the Biden Administration has called for over 500,000 new charging stations on Day 1.
  • John Kalb, Jennifer Green, Eric Huang and Kevin Wood discuss How to Fast-Track Charging at Multi-Unit Dwellings, which is essential to transportation electrification growth, and how to accelerate this work and ensure equitable access to e-mobility options for MUD residents on Day 3.  

The Impact Track explores the broader ecosystem needed for the market to expand with an emphasis on equitable programs, policies and demonstration projects.

  • John Voelcker, Ram Chandrasekaran, Derek Jones and Lea Malloy are Looking at 2021 and Beyond as an assembled panel representing different industry sectors to share what they see on the horizon in terms of major trends, threats and opportunities for electric and smart transportation.
  • Quincy BrownAlexa DiazDr. Shelley FrancisMarcus Gilmore and Raquel Leon to explore Innovative Transportation Electrification Programs that Center Racial Equity and considerations to ensure clean transportation options best fit the transportation needs of historically underserved communities on Day 2. 

The Cutting-Edge Track features presentations and rapid-fire "ignite" talks on the important topics and emerging technologies in smart transportation.

  • Learn about Navigating Smart Mobility Around the World with Keith Budden, Edem Foli, Judith Oginga-Martins, Fernando Saka and Harm Weken on Day 2
  • Join Biljana “Billie” Kaumaya, Bridget Callahan, David Roberts and Curtis Wynn as they discuss the unique challenges, opportunities, and contexts for Developing Transportation Electrification in Rural Areas on Day 3.

But wait--there’s more! 

We’ll kick off Roadmap with a plenary with government leaders on the federal governments’ work at hand and ahead to advance transportation electrification.

We jump into an engaging plenary conversation on Building an Equitable Transition to Electric Transportation with Global Electric Campaign’s Monica Araya, EVgo’s Cathy Zoi, and Energy Foundation’s Rose McKinney James on Day 2

  • Forth’s Executive Director, Jeff Allen, and U.S. Senator Jeff Merkley discuss Electrifying Transportation: A Dashboard View from the US Senate to close out Day 2.
  • Day 3 begins with a keynote from Jeff Allen and ends with a plenary from all Roadmap Career Achievement award winners on Roadmap Milestones: Insights from Industry Veterans. Join moderator Chelsea Sexton and award winners Takafumi Anegawa (2019), Mary Nichols (2020) and Britta Gross (2021).  
  • We’ll round out Day 1 of the conference with the presentation of the 2021 Roadmap Awards, where you can join to see and celebrate these five awardees and their achievements to advance smart transportation!

The 2021 Roadmap Award Winners: 

This year marks the third annual Roadmap Awards where Forth celebrates individuals, companies, and organizations advancing electric, shared, and smart transportation in the categories of Public Sector Leadership, Private Sector Leadership, Community Partnership, Research, Career Achievement.

  • Public Sector Leadership – Smart Columbus 
    Smart Columbus displays both vision and leadership in reshaping the future of mobility by embracing the reinvention of transportation to accelerate human progress.
  • Private Sector Leadership – Tesla  
    Tesla continues to be a super-charged force in advancing the adoption of electric vehicles.
  • Community Partnership – Moving Forward Network  
    Forth celebrates Moving Forward Network’s work with communities directly impacted by the global freight transportation system.
  • Research – Atlas/EVHub  
    Research Award recipient Atlas EV Hub is one of the most powerful information portals in the smart transportation field, allowing for a greater access of knowledge surrounding the EV market.
  • Career Achievement – Britta Gross  
    Britta Gross’s achievements have helped advance the adoption and commercialization of electric vehicles. Along with her previous experience at General Motors and her several board seats, she is now the managing director of Rocky Mountain Institute’s Carbon-Free Mobility Global Program.

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Previewing the 2021 Roadmap Program Highlights and Award Winners
Forth’s Roadmap Conference is fast approaching, with June 14-16 just around the corner. Behind the scenes, I am part of the team that is connecting with speakers, sponsors, Roadmap Award winners, yout...