We’re transforming the future of mobility.

With a thriving clean technology industry, strong environmental leadership and fast-growing consumer interest, the Pacific Northwest serves as an example to change how we get around. We're taking that knowledge and sharing it throughout the world. 

By advancing business, Forth is creating a future that’s shared and smart, self-driving and emission-free. We connect companies with new opportunities and strengthen industry relationships. We raise the profile of local industry leaders and position the region as a hotbed of innovation. And we’re the voice of the industry in the Pacific Northwest, sharing stories of electric, smart and shared mobility with policymakers, the public and the press.

Our impact

Demonstration projects: We bring partners together to demonstrate new technologies and business models, helping companies launch new products and reach more customers. From e-bike test rides to electric car sharing in low-income communities, we’re bringing the future of mobility into the real world.

How we’re driving transformation

Networking and events: Through monthly events and our staff’s strong network of connections, we help business leaders meet peers in other firms and enable partnerships that support business growth and a stronger industry. View upcoming events.

Conferences: By hosting the annual  Roadmap Conference and participating in global conferences like the  International Electric Vehicle Symposium and Exhibition (EVS), we showcase the Pacific Northwest’s leadership in electric mobility and connect our members with cutting-edge trends, valuable partnerships and new markets in the U.S. and abroad.  

Grants and financial support: Our financial support is helping grow the companies that are leading the electric revolution in the Pacific Northwest and nationwide. From 2011 to 2016, we awarded $500,000 in grants and leveraged more than $21 million in additional investment for the companies and organizations we’ve supported. We also track and share funding opportunities with our partners and members and collaborate to bring more resources to the region.    

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