A little education. A lower price tag. A fun test drive.

Sometimes that’s what it takes to get people on board with a new technology.

Our mobility innovations bring the latest transportation technologies out of the showroom and into the community. These demonstration projects let people experience the real-life benefits of electric, smart and shared mobility. By lowering costs and providing education, our projects also remove some of the biggest barriers to change. 

We’re proud to collaborate with our members and partners to test out new technologies, business models and ideas.

Featured projects

Community-based electric car sharing:  Forth partnered with Hacienda Community Development Corporation to bring clean transportation options to the NE Cully neighborhood in Portland, OR. Together with the community, business and utility partners, we installed charging stations and arranged for two Honda Fits to be available to the community for rental by the day through Turo and one Fit was made available for Hacienda staff use. Sixty-six rentals were completed by community members over the 9-month project period and Hacienda staff traveled over 1,000 miles! 

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E-bike fleets at work: In Portland’s Lloyd District, we brought together the Lloyd EcoDistrict and electric bike and scooter manufacturer GenZe to create and promote the nation’s first program to test electric bike fleets at work. Participating businesses received three e-bikes for employees to use, plus support managing and promoting the program. The popular pilot project spurred a district-wide program offering businesses and apartment buildings big discounts to purchase their own e-bike fleets. 

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Local dealership deals: We partnered with Lithia Nissan of Eugene to slash the sticker price of the popular Nissan LEAF. Interested buyers who attended a free workshop about electric cars qualified for $7,500 off the price of a new LEAF on top of the $7,500 federal tax credit, bringing their total savings to $15,000. Building on success in Eugene, a similar incentive launched in Bend.

E-bikes + public transit: Electric bikes and public transit are a great match. E-bikes make it quicker and easier to get to the train station or bus stop, encouraging more people choose sustainable ways of getting around. In partnership with Kaiser Permanente and Portland State University, we provided 150 Kaiser employees with e-bikes for three months to understand how this fun technology could transform local travel. 

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