Electric Bikes & Scooters

Electric Bikes & Scooters

E-Bikes are better bikes.

A revolution on two wheels

Their efficient electric motors transform cycling from sweaty exercise into practical daily transportation—and pure, easy-riding joy. Arrive faster, park for free, and get exactly the workout you want, no matter the terrain.

Your power, amplified

Unlike traditional bicycles, e-bikes have electric motors to add zip to your ride as you tackle that hill or navigate that long commute.

Money-saving machine

With free parking everywhere, ultra-low maintenance costs and just pennies for every charge, e-bikes are a better bargain than cars, motorcycles and even the local bus.

Arrive in style

Imagine cycling uphill in August with groceries in tow and kids on the back. With an e-bike, it’s no sweat—literally.

A bike for all seasons

Commute to work, adventure on the open road, or just go for a spin. With some models reaching 100 miles on a single charge, electric bikes are built for real life, wherever it takes you. Charge them up at home by plugging into any grounded outlet.

Electric assist / pedal assist

You’re pedaling, but you’re not doing all the work. With electric assist, the bike senses how hard you’re pedaling and responds by adding power at a level of your choice.

Full throttle 

Long day? Let your e-bike carry you home. Some e-bikes have electric-only modes that let you cruise without pedaling. All you have to do is relax and enjoy the ride.


Turn off the motor and your e-bike magically transforms into…a regular bike. It’s like two bikes in one.

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Electric Scooters

Fun, fast & green

  • They're easy, fun, and you can pick them up and drop them off just about anywhere.  
  • Scooters are efficient and electric, which means less of every type of pollution.
  • There are reduced fare opportunities for people in need. 

Connect to transit & free parking

  • Scooters take you to and from your bus or train. No more first mile/last mile headaches.
  • No more circling for a spot or paying for garage space. Just pull up to your destination and park respectfully by leaving space for pedestrians on the sidewalk.

Reduced fare programs

  • If you qualify for assistance you can get scootering discounts of 50% off regular prices.

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