St. Louis Vehicle Electrification Rides for Seniors

St. Louis Vehicle Electrification Rides for Seniors

St. Louis Vehicle Electrification Rides for Seniors

EV Shuttles for Seniors and Youth in Missouri

The St. Louis Vehicle Electrification Rides for Seniors (SiLVERS) Project seeks to increase electric vehicle adoption and reduce transportation-related operating expenses for social service agencies in low-income communities.

SiLVERS provides electric vehicles to the Northside Youth and Senior Service Center (NYSSC) and City Seniors Inc. (CSI) to provide non-emergency rides to elders and distribute food to homebound seniors in North and South St. Louis. Through the program, NYSSC received three vehicles and three charging stations and CSI received two vehicles and two charging stations.

“SILVERS places Northside at the forefront of demonstrating the technology and benefits of vehicle electrification in our community. The benefits will be a huge boost to our bottom line by saving on fuel and maintenance costs for our fleet.” – Leon Threat, Executive Director, NYSSC

This program serves historically underserved communities with cutting-edge technology to offset fossil fuel-powered trips, furthering the City’s sustainability goals. 

This pilot will demonstrate:

  • EV fleets can save social service agencies money on transportation expenses and improve service
  • Electric vehicle charging equipment for fleets can also serve employees and community members
  • How use of EVs by service agencies can accelerate regional EV adoption
  • Tools and best practices, which can be replicated nationwide

Rides and deliveries traditionally completed with internal-combustion engine vehicles will soon be serviced by SiLVERS all-electric vehicles.

Senior citizens (aged 60+) interested in receiving rides for medical appointments, shopping trips, social activities, or more can schedule appointments:

  • On the Northside, call Northside Youth and Senior Services at (314) 652-9946.
  • On the Southside, call City Seniors, Inc. at (314) 352- 0141.

The project is brought together by the local community partners Northside Youth and Senior Service Center (NYSSC), City Seniors Inc. (CSI), North Newstead Association (NNA), and the St. Louis Agency on Aging (SLAAA).

SiLVERS arose from Forth’s work in St. Louis through the Bloomberg American Climate Cities Challenge in early 2020. Support from City staff and local residents to continue electrification work in St. Louis led to a successful grant application to the U.S. Department of Energy. Forth and the project team wanted to showcase a region that had not been as involved in the transportation electrification development as some of its coastal peers. (Though this is quickly changing – St. Louis’ transit agency, Metro, procured 14 electric busses in 2021). 

The SiLVERS project emerged from work with Forth, NRDC (Natural Resources Defense Council), the City of St. Louis, and Bloomberg Philanthropies through the American Cities Climate Challenge.

Forth brings together a number of industry and local partners in this project, including AmpUp, St. Louis Regional Clean Cities Coalition and Ameren.

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