Fair Financing For Rideshare Drivers

Forth launched the Fair Financing Pilot to help rideshare and delivery drivers purchase electric cars

The program enables low- to middle-income rideshare and delivery drivers access to low-interest financing for electric vehicles—increasing earning potential by eliminating expenses like gas and maintenance typical of internal combustion vehicles. 

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Driving Electric Is Good for Business

Rideshare driving in Portland is now more accessible, equitable and eco-friendly with the new Fair Financing Pilot from Forth and its partners.

Electric cars are much cheaper to operate and maintain than traditional cars, and they are increasingly affordable. Many electric cars can be leased for under $200/month, and some three-year-old electric cars can be purchased used for less than $10,000.

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Driver Testimonials

Don't just take our word for it. We spoke with rideshare and delivery drivers who have switched to electric cars to hear about the experiences. Guess what? They love it! Click the links below for quick videos from these electric drivers!

Kamasu loves driving electric.
The savings are great
The driving experience
The ease of charging
A nearly maintenance-free car

Courtney has been driving electric for almost three years.
Why she started driving electric
The experience of driving electric
How riders respond
What she loves about her car's features

Jared has been driving electric since 2015.  
Why he started driving electric
Making more money driving electric
Saving money on maintenance

Sean is an EV Ambassador
Delivery During Covid
Nissan Leaf Features

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Listen to the "Plugged In" Podcast

We've created a podcast covering topics specific to rideshare and delivery drivers interested in learning more about how an electric vehicle can maximize profits by reducing costs in fuel and maintenance. 

We've spoken to multiple rideshare and delivery drivers to get their perspectives on why driving electric works for them. 

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Profits Up. Expenses Down.

Bottom line, your next car purchase has to pencil out. Sure, electric cars cost less to charge than filling up at the tank, but how much do you really save?


.99 cents of electric charging goes about the same distance as one gallon of gas.


With federal and state tax breaks, plus rebates from the manufacturer, you could save up to $10,000


Fewer parts could save you hundreds or even thousands in annual maintenance.

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Make It Work For You

Driving electric takes a little adjusting but it can easily be done. Planning a little more “down” time while you refuel, finding the charging stations that fit your route. Learn to drive electric on your terms.


fast chargers in Oregon alone. Use charging maps to find them all.


minutes of fast charging can deliver about 80 miles of range.


miles on a single charge. Plus, there are plug-in hybrid electric cars under $30K that can provide an even higher range. 

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Drive Electric, Reach Your Goals.

We asked rideshare drivers what their goals were. Driving electric can help drivers make more money with savings on fuel and maintenance as well as tax rebates and incentives. Watch their videos below!


Binh is saving to open a bubble tea shop. He can do it faster by driving electric.


Max is saving to take his son on the vacation of a lifetime, to visit their family in Ivory Coast, Africa. Driving electric can make it happen sooner.


Page is saving to continue her education. By driving electric, her graduation gets closer.

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