Expenses down. Profits up.

Bottom line, your next car purchase has to pencil out. Sure, electric cars cost less to charge than filling up at the tank, but how much do you really save?


.99 cents of electric charging goes about the same distance as one gallon of gas.


With federal and state tax breaks, plus rebates from the manufacturer, you could save up to $10,000


Fewer parts could save you hundreds or even thousands in annual maintenance.
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Make it work for you

Driving electric takes a little adjusting but it can easily be done. Planning a little more “down” time while you refuel, finding the charging stations that fit your route. Learn to drive electric on your terms.


fast chargers in Oregon alone. Use charging maps to find them all.


minutes of fast charging can deliver about 80 miles of range.


miles on a single charge. Plus, there are plug-in hybrid electric cars under $30K that can provide an even higher range. 

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We’re all driving for something. College degree. Family vacation. Paying off an old debt.

If you're driving an electric car or plug-in hybrid in Portland, we'd love to hear from you! Tell us what you're saving for by driving for a rideshare company.

Selected entries will be featured here on the Forth Rideshare page, and in our social media feeds!

Email us at drivergoals@forthmobility.org and please provide the following information:
1. First and last name, phone number and email address.
2. Driver goal (what are you saving for?).
3. An attached photo of you, or a selfie video of your driver goal.
4. Tell us why you're driving electric?

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