Since its founding, Forth has worked at the national level to ensure federal policy accelerates equitable electric mobility. In recent years, we have helped inform major legislation and investments such as the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act and the Inflation Reduction Act that are steering billions of dollars into electric mobility.

Increase Access to Electric Cars

  • Make the federal tax credit for electric cars more flexible and accessible

  • Increase funding and policy support to provide shared electric mobility services for affordable housing residents and social service organizations

  • Promote national investment in brand-neutral EV outreach and education efforts to make more Americans aware of electric vehicles and their benefits

  • Provide funding for programs that provide low/zero interest loans for EVs

Increase Access to Charging

  • Ensure programs are designed to ensure historic federal investments in charging infrastructure are spent efficiently, effectively and in ways that center equity
  • Support policies that make it as easy to charge at work as it is to park at home
  • Support policies that make it as easy to charge in an apartment as it is at a single family home

Increase Access to Emerging Modes

  • Increase funding and technical assistance for school districts to transition to electric buses; make repowers eligible for federal funds
  • Increase funding and policy support to electrify American farm equipment
  • Advocate for clear federal funding for electric bikes, scooters, and other forms of micromobility
  • Increase international development aid funding targeted to clean electric transportation

Coalitions & Associations

Forth is actively involved in many coalitions and associations to promote transportation electrification and shared mobility nationally. These organizations include:

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