With smart policy, we’re motivating change.

We’re advancing smart laws and policies to support the emerging electric, smart and shared mobility industries and to make it easier to choose sustainable ways of getting around. 

Our advocacy work happens on the front lines in state capitols and Washington D.C. Through strategic action and strong collaborations with our members and partners, we’re changing the future of transportation.

Our Focus Areas

  • Consumer: Promoting incentives and rebates for electric vehicles and chargers.

  • Business: Supporting industry growth and encouraging innovation.

  • Transportation system: Advancing electric, smart and shared mobility within the entire system.

Current priorities

  • Oregon Electric Vehicle Rebate: Rebates lower the cost of electric vehicles and encourage sales. We lead the charge for a state bill, HB 2704, to provide people with a rebate for electric vehicles like cars and motorcycles, as well as a rebate on electric buses for public transit agencies.
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  • Oregon Transportation Plan: We’re working to ensure Oregon’s transportation policies promote smart, connected, electric and equitable mobility for the future.

  • Washington Tax Exemption: When the Washington State Alternative Fuel Vehicles and Plug-In Hybrids tax exemption expired in June of 2018, Forth, with our partners, lead the efforts to re-establish the sales tax incentive or establish an electric vehicle point of purchase rebate in the 2019 Washington session. An electric vehicle point of purchase rebate assists low to moderate income individuals with the down payment. The full copy of HB 2042 can be found here. Contact us for more information.

Recent Successes

  • Washington Extends The Electric and Alternative Fuel Vehicle Rebate: Forth helped shape legislation in HB 2042, providing incentives for electric vehicles and infrastructure. We advocated for low-income electric car-sharing pilots, low-income electric/hydro vehicle financing study, charging infrastructure, and to re-establish the sales tax exemption. The legislation passed with bi-partisan support and was signed by Gov. Jay Inslee on May 7, 2019. 
  • Oregon's Electric Vehicle Purchase Rebate: In 2017, Forth was instrumental in the passage of House Bill 2017, Oregon's Transportation Package. H.B. 2017 includes rebates for the purchase of electric vehicles and established a "Charge Ahead" initiative for low-income buyers who purchase a new or used electric car.
  • Oregon Clean Energy Law: In 2016, Oregon’s groundbreaking clean energy law put the state on track to eliminate coal-fired energy by 2030. It also requires Oregon’s major utilities to plan for increased investment in growing the electric vehicle market. We worked with partners and lawmakers to ensure that electric vehicles were integrated into Oregon’s clean energy strategy.

  • Portland and Metro climate action plans: Our work helped ensure that Portland and Metro’s 2015 plans to take action on climate change included robust support for electric mobility.

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