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Advocating Equitable Access to EVs

Oregon Governor Kate Brown smiling with Jeff Allen and Jeanette Shaw of Forth

Advocating Equitable Access to EVs

“I am honored that Forth is joining me in our efforts to encourage the use of electric vehicles by both consumers and businesses across the Western United States. Making it easier for both consumers and businesses to travel and transport goods using electric vehicles frees up household incomes and yields increased profits."   

 Oregon Governor, Kate Brown

Current Priorities

To make EVs an affordable option for all of our community members, we will need to greatly expand funding for rebate programs and make sure we’re reaching out to the diverse communities to share those benefits. 

We strive to create a zero GHG emission transportation system that helps the state meet its greenhouse gas reduction goals (40% by 2035 and 80% by 2050) while strengthening our communities and economy to create a transportation system that is safer, healthier, more affordable and more reliable for everyone.

Forth's Testimony to Advanced Clean Cars II Rule

Recent Successes

  • Forth introduced and advocated for a pilot program for the electrification of medium-and-heavy-duty vehicles in Oregon. Along with partners- Oregon Environmental Council (OEC), Climate Solutions (CS), and Verde, we led advocacy efforts to shape state legislation in HB 5202 and
    HB 4139 (2022).

    Oregon DEQ’s pilot Oregon Zero-Emission Fueling Infrastructure Grant program will provide $15 million in financial assistance to support the installation of new charging facilities for zero-emission medium- and heavy-duty trucks, buses, and equipment.

     Oregon Clean Vehicle Rebate Program

  • Forth led the charge for a state bill to provide a rebate for electric vehicles. We were instrumental in the passage of House Bill 2017, Oregon's Transportation Package, which included rebates for the purchase of electric vehicles and established a "Charge Ahead" rebate for low-to-medium-income buyers for new or used electric vehicles. We recently succeeded in increasing the Charge Ahead Rebate for low- to moderate-income Oregonians from $2,500 to $5,000.
  • Robust advocacy by Forth and our partners resulted in the allocation of an additional $15 million to the Oregon Clean Vehicle Rebate Program budget as part of a $100 million Climate Resilience Budget.  Learn more
  • TEINA: Our report to Oregon's Governor on The Transportation Electrification Infrastructure Needs Analysis (TEINA) examines the status of light-duty ZEV transportation charging infrastructure in Oregon, identifies needs and gaps along travel corridors and for ZEV daily use, and directly addresses equity concerns and access in rural areas.
  • Our two top-priority bills were signed by Oregon's Governor Kate Brown. House Bill 2165  doubles the amount of the Charge Ahead rebate. House Bill 2180 makes state building codes much more EV-ready.

Washington EV Rebate and Infrastructure Funding

  • Washington Governor Jay Inslee announced a budget proposal in January 2022, to secure significant funding for the development of EV infrastructure and an ambitious EV rebate program in the state. Policy managers at Forth, our lobbyists and allies met with legislators, provided guidance for spending priorities, and testified in committee hearings in the 60-day session.

    Our joint efforts resulted in a $250 million addition to the final budget in the $17-billion Move Ahead Washington Transportation Package appropriated for zero-emission transportation projects.

    The allocation includes:
    • $120 million for programs and incentives promoting the purchase of and conversion to alternative fuel vehicles. 
    • $69 million to support EV charging infrastructure in rural areas, office buildings, multi-family housing and other areas.
    • $25 million toward programs and incentives for overburdened and low-income communities.

  • Forth, with our partners, led the efforts to re-establish the sales tax incentive and helped shape legislation in HB 2042, providing incentives for electric vehicles and infrastructure. We advocated for low-income electric car-sharing pilots, low-income electric/hydro vehicle financing study, charging infrastructure, and to re-establish the sales tax exemption.
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