TEEM Platform

Integrating Equity and Sustainability into Transportation Systems

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Integrating Equity and Sustainability into Transportation Systems

Advancing Equitable Electric Mobility

The historically redlined communities have long borne the burden of transportation policies that put them at higher risk of health disparities. Now, the new government investments must also fund solutions at the intersections of mobility equity, transportation electrification and community building.

The TEEM Platform offers principles and implementation recommendations for federal and state Departments of Transportation, transit agencies, auto industry partners and other key decision-makers to integrate equity and sustainability into transportation systems.

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Our Recommendations

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Equity and Justice: To meet Justice40 requirements, agencies must invest in outreach, public education, community engagement and shared decision-making.

Emissions Reductions: We need to increase access to practical alternatives to driving and electrify all modes of transportation to reduce emissions by 52% by 2030.

Affordable Access for All: Our nation’s transportation investments must provide reliable alternatives to driving and improve the affordability of sustainable mobility options.

Health and Safety: Transportation investments need to substantively and rapidly decrease harm from car crashes and air pollution. Investments in the supply chain must also direct benefits to impacted communities and avoid causing or exacerbating harm.

Wealth Building: Government contracts, investments and jobs should be allocated through a transparent, accountable and equitable process that mitigates racial, urban-rural divide and economic inequities.

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Equitable Electric Mobility

Alexa Diaz, Senior Policy Manager at Forth speaks about TEEM

More About TEEM

Signatory Organizations

The TEEM Community of Practice welcomes other transportation and climate justice advocates to strengthen our collective call for equitable electric mobility. The TEEM Platform will be the foundation of our advocacy for transportation programs and policies at state and federal levels. 

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Current Signatories

Active Transportation Alliance
Bronzeville Community Development Partnership
BlueGreen Alliance
Center for Neighborhood Technology
CleanAire NC
Clean Fuels Michigan
Colorado Center on Law and Policy
Colorado Cross-Disability Coalition
Community Collaboration on Climate Change
Eastside Community Network
Ecology Center
F.L.Y. Enterprises INC
Groundwork Center for Resilient Communities
Michigan Clean Cities
Monarch Economic Development Corp
NAACP Virginia State Conference
Natural Resources Defense Council
NC Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
Northeast Transportation Connections
North Carolina Justice Center
Respiratory Health Association
Sierra Club
Sol Nation
SouthEast Energy Efficiency Alliance
Southern Alliance for Clean Energy
Southern Environmental Law Center
Southwest Detroit Environmental Vision
Southwest Energy Efficiency Project
Transportation Riders United
The Greenlining Institute
Upright Consulting Services
Virginia Organizing
ZeroFleets Corp

TEEM Platform
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