Forth Webinar Series

August 23, 2022

By: Forth


December Webinar: A Look Back at 2022 In Electric Transportation

In the final webinar of 2022, Forth’s Jeff Allen facilitated a conversation with Garrett Fitzgerald, Senior Director of Electrification at Smart Electric Power Alliance, Leslie Hayward, Policy Communications Manager at Rivian and Steve Koerner, Vice President of Policy at bp pulse to recap the top transportation electrification innovations of 2022 and to give key insights into what’s to come in 2023.


November Webinar: Using Federal Charging Funds Equitably & Effectively 

Moderator Cat Plein, Development & Communications Director at Forth joined panelists Steve Lommele, Interim Communications and Stakeholder Engagement Lead at The  Joint Office of Energy and Transportation, Geoff Gibson, Senior Program Manager at Forth, Bridget Gilmore, EV Charging Fellow at The Joint Office of Energy and Transportation and Alex Schroeder, Chief Technology Officer at The Joint Office of Energy and Transportation for a discussion on considerations to best use federal funding to implement charging infrastructure.

Video|Gibson Slides| The Joint Office of Energy & Transportation's

October Webinar: Financing Tools to Increase Electric Vehicle Access 

Moderator Ian Sergeant, Program Manager at Forth joined speakers Mary Vasquez, Community Advocate at Point West Credit Union, Jenifer Bosco, Staff Attorney at National Consumer Law Center, and Landra Glover, Economic Empowerment Program Coordinator at Metropolitan Family Services to discuss tangible ways to address financial barriers to EV adoption, the various electric transportation options and alternative programmatic approaches to help individuals find their way into an electric vehicle.

Video|Bosco Slides|Vasquez Slides|Glover Slides

September Webinar: Addressing The E-School Bus Challenges in Underserved Districts

Moderator Lucia Mosca, Senior Program Associate at Forth joined speakers Gilbert Blue Feather Rosas, Director II- Sustainability & Adaptation at Modesto City Schools and Phillip Burgoyne-Allen, Electric School Bus Initiative Associate at World Resource Institute to discuss navigating circumstances that are often identified as obstacles, such as rural locations, lack of resources and inclement weather. 

Video| Rosas Slides | Burgoyne-Allen Slides

August Webinar: How Community Engagement Leads to Policy Action

Moderator Alexa Diaz, Senior Policy Manager at Forth joined speakers Andrea Marpillero-Colomina, PhD., Sustainable Communities Program Director at GreenLatinos, Anissa Pemberton (they/them), Grants & Operations Manager at 350PDX and José Acosta-Córdova, MUPP, Environmental Planning and Research Organizer at Little Village Environmental Justice Organization (LVEJO) for a discussion on how engagement played a significant role in successfully advancing transportation electrification in underserved communities, and how including community stakeholders is essential when shaping policy and co-creating campaigns.

Video | Pemberton Slides | Acosta-Córdove Slides | Marpillero-Colomina Slides

June Webinar: Charging In Parks: Best Practices and Lessons Learned

Moderator Adrian Gomez, Senior Program Manager at Forth joined Conseulo Capshaw, Executive Sales Manager at Blink Charging and Margaret Taylor, Capital Development Program Manager at Colorado Parks and Wildlife to discuss the barriers and needs around charging infrastructures in parks, funding opportunities, and the effects of charging infrastructure in small rural towns around these parks. We addressed best practices and lessons learned from installing charging stations at parks.

Video | Capshaw Slides


May Webinar: Building Resiliency With V2G In Residential Homes

Moderator Camron Gorguinpour, Senior Director, Sustainability Solutions – Net Zero Transportation at ENGIE Impact joined Baerte de Brey, Chief International Officer at ElaadNL and Paige Mullen, Program Manager at Nuvve Corp. to highlight the prerequisites for residential V2G technology and how it can become a reliable resource for grid operators, an accelerant for EV adoption, and a viable opportunity for smart grid solutions providers.

Video|Gorguinpour Slides|de Brey Slides|Mullen Slides

May Webinar: Electric-Powered Equipment 

Moderator Robert Wallace, Executive Director, Energy Program Innovator at WyEast Resource Conservation and Development joined panelists Brad Wham, Sales Team Manager at Orange EV, Steve Heckeroth, Founder, CIO & Chairman of the Board at Solectrac, and Alene Walkington, Program Manager, EnergyRight for Business & Industry at Tennessee Valley Authority to highlight incentives, policies, and projects driving the transition to achieve emissions reduction in the construction and agricultural sectors.

Video|Walkington Slides| Heckeroth Slides|Wham Slides

April Webinar: Clean Transportation For All: Access to EV Charging

Moderator Amy Hillman, Vice President of Sales at OpConnect joined speakers Raimundo Aranguiz, CEO at Electro Chile, Whit Jamieson, Program Manager at Forth and Kenneth Patrick, Electrification and Sustainability Manager at Ameren to discuss projects focused on increasing access to charging in the U.S. and share learnings from successfully implemented equity-centered projects in other countries.

Video |Whitaker Slides | Patrick Slides |Aranguiz Slides

April Webinar: Electrifying Trucking

Moderator Michael Roeth, Executive Director at the  North American Council for Freight Efficiency (NACFE) joined speakers Salim Youssefzadeh, CEO and Co-Founder at  WattEV, Ian Beil, Senior Grid Edge Engineer at Portland General Electric, and Dawn Fenton, Vice President of Government Relations & Public Affairs at Volvo Group North America to accelerate the adoption of electric trucking, the technology’s growing influence on the electric transportation industry and the emergence of electric trucks in deliveries

Video| Fenton Slides | Beil Slides | Youssefzadeh Slides

March Webinar: Driving Change With Clean Fuel Programs

Moderator Jana Gastellum, Deputy Director for Programs, Oregon Environmental Council and speakers Spencer Reeder, Director of Government Affairs & Sustainability, Audi USA, Jeremy Martin, Director of Fuels Policy and Sr. Scientist For Clean Vehicles Program, The Union of Concerned Scientists and Sydney Vergis, Ph.D., Mobile Source Control Division Chief, California Air Resources Board shared lessons learned from clean fuel programs in California and Oregon. They also discussed best practices and recommend future policies to accelerate equitable transportation electrification in other states.

Video| Martin Sides|Reeder Slides| Vergis Slides


March Webinar: Plugged In: A Driver-Centered Approach to Electrifying Rideshare

Forth Program Manager, Lindsay Schuelke moderated the conversation with Rock Robinson, Co-Founder & CEO at eCarra, Raven Hernandez, Founder and CEO at Earth Rides, Gabriel Ets-Hokin, Senior EV Contributor at The Rideshare Guy, and Trenelle Doyle, Founder and CEO, Go Girl Ride Inc took a dive into driver needs such as financing opportunities, access to charging stations and scheduling time to charge between rides. 


February Webinar:  Federal EV Policy - What's Coming Next!

Moderator Chris Rall, Outreach Director at Transportation for America joined panelists Chris Bast, EV Infrastructure Investments Director at Electrification CoalitionJosh Cohen, Director of Policy at GreenlotsCoral Torres, Senior Advisor at Federal Highway Administration and Diane Turchetta, Transportation Specialist at the U.S. Department of Transportation, Federal Highway Administration discussed key investments and policies already being implemented and gave a preview of what more we can expect from Washington DC in the coming months.


February Webinar: Charged Up: What Transportation Agencies Need To Know About Charging

Moderator Eric Huang, Program Manager at Forth facilitated the conversation with Cassie Powers, Senior Managing Director at the National Association of State Energy Officials, Karen Glitman, Senior Director at the Center for Sustainable Energy (CSE) and Leslie Aguayo, Climate Equity Program Manager at The Greenlining Institute to highlight what transportation agencies need to know about charging to make good use of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA) funds.

Video| Glitman Sides|Powers Slides| Aguayo Slides

January Webinar: A Second Life For EV Batteries

Moderator Steffani Cuff, Program Director at Forth joined panelists Hans Eric Melin, Founder & Managing Director at Circular Energy Storage and Zora Chung, Co-founder and CFO, ReJoule to examine the life cycle of EV batteries and dive into solutions for reusing batteries and reducing the environmental impacts of battery waste.

Video | Chung Slides | Melin Slides 


December Webinar: Forth End of Year Roundtable

In the final webinar of 2021, Forth’s Executive Director, Jeff Allen facilitated a conversation with Chris King, SVP e-Mobility at Siemens, Linda White, Director of Government and External Affairs at BMW of North America and Nadia El Mallakh, Area Vice President, Strategic Partnerships and Ventures at Xcel Energy to will discuss key takeaways from 2021, the Biden administration's impact on the transportation industry, as well as opportunities and strategies for 2022.


November Webinar: The Business Case For Workplace Charging

Moderator Prachi J. Vakharia, Co-Founded at WOMANIUM joined panelists Kelly Yearick, Senior Program Manager at Forth and Britton T. Bettridge, Director of Business Operations at Leaders for Clean Air to highlight Electric Vehicle Adoption Leadership (EVAL), a roadmap as well as resources and recognition for organizations as they support the adoption of sustainable modes of transportation at their worksite and workplace charging opportunities in Utah.

Sponsor: Idaho Power  

Video| Yearick Slides | Bettridge Slides

November Webinar: Centering Equity and Resilience in School Bus Electrification

Moderator Simbiat Yusuff, Member Relations Manager at Forth joined Joe Wachunas, Program Manager at Forth, Christiane Walker, Engineering Consultant at The Center for Transportation and the Environment, and Carla Walker, Director of Environmental Justice and Equity, World Resource Institute -the United States to highlight lessons learned from pilot projects, share examples and strategies to allow equitable access, and discuss scaling opportunities of electric buses.

Video | Walker Slides | Wachunas SlidesWalker Slides

October Webinar: Addressing Anti-Displacement and Gentrification in Transportation Electrification

Moderator Alexa Diaz, Senior Policy Manager at Forth joined Sophie Young, Program Manager, Transformative Climate Communities at the  California Strategic Growth Council, and Mayra Gonzáles, Project Manager at the Montbello Organizing Committee to address anti-displacement strategies as the clean transportation industry accelerates and highlight strategies to minimize negative community impacts of gentrification and displacement

Video| Diaz Slides| Gonzáles Slides| Young Slides

October Webinar: The Charging Infrastructure Ecosystem 

Moderator Rhett Lawrence, Policy Manager at Forth was joined by Panelists Mary Brazell, Transportation Electrification Program Manager Climate Office at the Oregon Department Of Transportation, Matteo Muratori, Ph.D., Chief Analyst – Sustainable Transportation at the  U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) and Chris Rimmer, Infrastructure Strategy lead at CENEX to discuss strategies to successfully and equitably scale EV charging infrastructure.

Sponsors: Black and Veatch, BMW, Portland General Electric

Video| Brazell Slides | Rimmer Slides|Dr. Muratori Slides

September Webinar: U.S. Department of Energy Loan Program Office Overview

Moderator Kelly Stevens, Senior Manager, Strategic Communications & Partnerships at Forth joined Wayne Killen, Senior Advisor, Department of Energy’s Loan Programs Office to provide an overview of the U.S. Department of Energy Loan Program Office and discussed investment opportunities in clean energy. Forth’s Senior Business Development Manager Steve Gutmann also joined the panel for a quick presentation on how Forth can help. 

Video | Killen Slides | Gutmann Slides

September Webinar: Building the EV Workforce of Tomorrow

Moderator Simbiat Yusuff, Member Relations Manager at Forth joined panelists Peter La Fountain, Policy Advisor, BlueGreen Alliance, Betony Jones, Founder and Principal,  Inclusive Economics and Evette Ellis, Co-founder & Chief Workforce Development Officer, ChargerHelp! discussed labor concerns and development, job creation, upholding the current automotive workforce and diversifying the clean transportation workforce.


August Webinar: Innovative Consumer Engagement Strategies

Our moderator Margaret Mohr, Communications Director at Veloz will lead the discussion with speakers Steven Alaman, Program Manager at Forth, Jenn Schimmelpfennig, Founder & President at Pivot Marketing, Mark Scribner, Electric Vehicles Program Manager at Energy New England with special guest Joel Levin, Executive Director at Plug In America.

Video|Alaman Slides|Levin Slides|Scribner Slides| Schimmelpfennig Slides

May Webinar: Clean and Equitable Mass Transit

Moderator Sabrina Cerquera, Program Associate at Forth joined panelists Margarita Parra, International Program Director at Clean Energy Works, María Fernanda Ortiz Carrascal, E-Mobility and Urban Analytics Consultant and Jason Yan, Director of Sales Operations at BYD (Build Your Dreams) Coach & Bus to discuss the movement towards cleaner mass transit and equitable prioritizing when electrifying certain transit lines.

Video|Parra Slides|Yan Slides|Ortiz Carrascal Slides

May Webinar: Equitable Micromobility

Quincy Brown
, Co-Founder at We All Rise LLC, Destinie Hammond, Communications Manager at North American Bikeshare Association, Joe Wachunas, Program Manager at Forth, and Brodie Hylton
CEO at Cascadia Mobility Inc. discussed current programs and efforts by cities and operators to increase equitable access for all communities.

Video | Brown Slides|Hammond Slides|Wachunas Slides| Hylton Slides

April Webinar: Port Electrification Strategies and Programs

Moderator Barrett Brown, Program Manager, Forth joined panelists Michael Huggins, Senior Manager, Landside Operations Manager at Portland International Airport, Port of Portland Aravind Kailas, Policy Director at Volvo Group Advanced Technology, and Bernat Adriá Mora, R&D&I Project Technician at Fundación Valenciaport highlighted current strategies to electrify ports and the economic and environmental benefits of port electrification.

Video|Huggins Slides|Adriá Slides|Kailas Slides

April Webinar: Bridging the Gap: Rural Electric Transportation Programs

Rob Currier, Energy Services Coordinator, Emerald People’s Utility District, Erin Galiger, Program Manager, Forth, and David Soens, Vice President of Grant Operations, Blink Charging joined the webinar to discuss strategies to electrify rural transportation.

Webinar Sponsor: Idaho Power

Video|Galiger Slides|Currier Slides | Soens Slides

March Webinar: Plug-In and Set Sail: The Rise of Electric Boats

Moderator Kelly Stevens, Senior Manager, Strategic Communications & Partnerships, Forth joined panelists Kevin M. Bartoy, Environmental Stewardship & Sustainability Program Manager, Washington State Ferries (WSF), and Alexander Oki, Director of Finance & Business Development, Pure Watercraft, Inc. discussed making waves with cleaner, quieter, and more efficient ways to move people and cargo.

Video | Bartoy Slides | Oki Slides 

March Webinar: It’s A Bird! It’s A Plane! It’s an Electric Plane!

Moderator Anne Ramzy,  Business Development Manager at Forth joined panelists Paul Stith, Director, Global Transportation Initiatives at Black & Veatch, and Susan Ying, Senior Vice President of Global Partnerships at Ampaire to highlight the great potential of electric aviation, the advantages, what upcoming aviation projects, and more.

Video| Stith Slides | Ying Slides 

February Webinar: Next Level Power: Inductive Charging

Moderator Whit Jamieson Program Associate at Forth joined panelists Michael McHale, Chief Marketing & Communications Officer, Momentum Dynamics Corporation, Laurent De Vroey, Head of Green Mobility at ENGIE Research and Nikki Gordon-Bloomfield Founder and Lead Presenter, Transport Evolved to discuss the wireless charging standard, current pilots, programs.

Video| McHale Slides | De Vroey Slides | Gordon-Bloomfield Slides

February Webinar: Driving Change: Designing and Financing Transportation Electrification Projects

Sam Schanfarber, Program Manager at Forth, Dan Janosec, Grants Manager at Portland General Electric, Maurice Muia, Climate Advisor at the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), and Mark Smith, Technology Integration Program Manager, U.S. Department of Energy discussed funding opportunities for clean transportation projects and highlight clean transportation programs and projects.

Video | Schanfarber Slides | Janosec Slides | Muia Slides | Smith Slides 

January Webinar: Electrified Community Carsharing

Kelly Yearick, Program Manager at Forth joined Peter Krahenbuhl, CEO and Executive Director at Colorado CarShare, Nick DiPrima, Director Of Business Development at Wunder Mobility, and Juan Carlos (J.C.) Garcia Sanchez, Environmental Justice Policy Analyst at the Policy Institute for Energy, Economy and the Environment at the University of California Davis to discuss current carsharing programs making electric vehicles accessible to all communities. 

Video | Yearick Slides | Krahenbuhl Slides | DiPrima Slides | Garcia Sanchez Slides 

January Webinar: Earn More with Carbon Offsets for Charging

Speakers Whit Jamieson, Sue Hall, Matt Macunas, and Abdellah Cherkaoui discussed the Green Bank’s EV charging Carbon Credit Program for charging networks.


January Webinar: Renewable Hydrogen Programs

In part two of the Forth and Renewable Hydrogen Alliance webinar series, we cover renewable hydrogen projects taking off around the country. Moderator Connor Herman, Program Manager at Forth, joined  Martina Steinkusz, Director of Market Development, Renewable Hydrogen Alliance, Catharine Reid, Marketing Manager, Ballard Power Systems Inc., Dave Warren, Principal, The Warren Group, LLC, Jason S Sekhon, Advanced Technology Research Sr. Consultant, Toyota North America and Michael McCann, P.E, Electric Generation Manager at Eugene Water & Electric Board (EWEB), to discuss their organizations' efforts to bring forth real-world renewable hydrogen applications.  

Thank you to the webinar sponsor, Toyota North America

Video | Catharine Slides | Dave Slides |Jason Slides | Martina Slides| Mike Slides 


December Webinar: 2020 Transportation Electrification Review 

Jeff Allen, Executive Director at Forth recapped the top smart transportation industry news of 2020 and provided key insights into what’s to come in 2021.

Video | Jeff Slides  

November Webinar: International EV Strategies and Programs

Moderator Ashley Duplanty, International Marketing Manager at Forth joined Hiten Parmar, Director at uYilo e-Mobility Programme and Robert Evans, CEO at The Centre of Excellence for Low Carbon and Fuel Cell Technologies (Cenex) to highlight projects, strategies and organizations doing work to advance transportation electrification.

Thank you to the webinar sponsor, UK Department of International Trade

Video | Hiten Slides | Robert Slides | Reem Slides

November Webinar: Administration and Policy Updates 

Moderator Jeanette Shaw, Senior Director, Public Affairs and Policy, Forth joined panelists Logan Hollers, Policy Advisor, United States Senator Jeff Merkley, Jake Oken-berg, Senior Business Advisor, United States Senator Jeff Merkley, Edward McGlone, Director of Pacific Northwest Policy, US House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure, Matthew Nelson, Director of Government Affairs, Electrify America and Rustam Kocher, EMG Ecosystem Infrastructure Lead, Daimler Trucks North America to discuss the results of the recent election and what the new administration will mean for the smart transportation industry.


October Webinar: Electrifying City Fleets

Moderator Tegan Molloy, Senior Program Manager at Forth joined panelists Alan Bates, Fleet Operations Supervisor at the City of Portland, Kash Sethi, Vice President, Sales at Motiv Power Systems and Randal Kaufman, Sales Director, Transformative Technologies at Black & Veatch to explore the key considerations for cities adopting electric vehicles into their fleets with commitments to go all-electric. We discussed best practices, lessons learned, and challenges.

Thank you to the webinar sponsor, Idaho Power

Video | Kaufman Slides | Sethi Slides | Bates Slides

October Webinar: Advances in Heavy-Duty Charging

Moderator Erin Galiger, Program Manager at Forth joined panelists Bill Van Amburg, Executive Vice President at CALSTART, Rob Kroon, Project Manager at FIER Automotive and Ruth Liddell, Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Project Manager at ABB to discuss the advancements in heavy-duty charging infrastructure, real-world applications of the infrastructure, and current strategies to deploy and manage more charging stations to support the electrified transformation of commercial vehicles. 

Video | Liddell Slides |Kroon Slides | Van Amburg Slides

September Webinar: Are Electric Pickup Trucks Ready for Work?

In celebrating National Drive Electric Week 2020, Forth and CleanTechnica were joined by Lea Malloy, Head of Research and Development, Cox Automotive Inc., Terry O'Day, Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder, In-Charge Energy, Cynthia Maves, Regional Sales Manager, Lordstown Motors Corporation and Chelsea Sexton, Electric Vehicle Advocate to highlight electric pickup trucks.

Video | Shahan Slides | Malloy Slides |Sexton Slides | Maves Slides | O'Day Slides 

September Webinar: Smart Charging and Real-World Applications 

Forth Program Manager Eric Huang joined  Annie Gilleo, Policy and Market Development Manager, Greenlots and Ross Mueller, Future Grid, eMobility Senior Business Developer, Siemens to explore lessons learned from these pilots, current trends, and highlight real-world pilots and projects.

Video | Huang Slides | Gilleo Slides | Mueller Slides

September Webinar: Clean Transportation For All: Renewable Hydrogen Infrastructure

Moderator, Jeanette Shaw, Senior Director of Policy, Forth joined panelists, Evan Ramsey, Senior Director of Renewable Programs at Bonneville Environmental Foundation, Jaimie Levin, Senior Program Manager and Director of West Coast Office at The Center for Transportation and the Environment, Ken Dragoon, Executive Director,  Renewable Hydrogen Alliance, and  Amy Ryan, Senior Engineer, Fuel Cell Development Department at Toyota North America to highlight the development of renewable hydrogen infrastructure networks around the nation.

Video | Dragoon Slides | Ramsey Slides | Levin Slides 

August Webinar: Consumer Engagement & Transportation Electrification: Addressing the Challenges of a Global Pandemic

Forth Program Manager Steven Alaman joined Dav Cvitkovic, Chief Operating Officer at Plug’n Drive, Joel Levin, Executive Director, Plug In America, and Neil Baunsgard, Electric Vehicle Program Manager at The Environmental Center for a discussion on strategies to engage consumers and increase awareness of clean transportation options

Video | Alaman Slides | Baunsgard Slides|Cvitkovic Slides | Levin Slides

June Webinar: Electrification for All: Electrifying School Buses

Forth Program Manager Kelly Yearick was joined by Kuba Szczypiorski, Director of Alternative Fuels at Blue Bird Corporation, Erik Bigelow, Senior Engineering Consultant at The Center for Transportation and the Environment and Mark Childers, Manager of Powertrain and Technology Sales at Thomas Built Buses for a discussion on current electric school bus models and considerations for school districts interested in making the switch to electric buses.

Video | Szcypiorski Slides | Bigelow Slides | Childres Slides | Yearick Slides

June Webinar: EV Economy Recovery: National Stimulus Proposals

Our moderator Jeanette Shaw, Senior Director, Public Affairs and Policy at Forth was joined Robbie Diamond, Founder, President & CEO at Securing America's Future Energy, Genevieve Cullen, President at Electric Drive Transportation Association (EDTA), Gina Coplon-Newfield, Director, Clean Transportation for All Campaign at Sierra Club, Zoe Lipman, Director, Vehicles and Advanced Transportation Program at BlueGreen Alliance and Matt Petersen, President & Chief Executive Officer at Los Angeles Cleantech Incubator (LACI) to discuss leading proposals, what they have in common, how they differ, and their prospects for success.   

Video | Diamond Slides | Cullen Slides |Coplon-Newfield Slides | Lipman Slides | Petersen Slides

May Webinar: What Is the Road Ahead for Electric Car Sales?

Our moderator, Jeff Allen, Executive Director at Forth was joined by Joel Levin, Executive Director at Plug In America, John Voelcker, Automotive Journalist & Industry Analyst and Chelsea Sexton, Electric Vehicle Advocate to highlight the impact COVID-19 to the electric vehicle industry and provide strategies to continue to accelerate transportation electrification.


May Webinar: Transportation Electrification, Infrastructure, and Stimulus

Jeanette Shaw, Senior Director of Public Affairs and Policy at Forth, Jonathan Levy, Senior Vice President of Business Development at EVgo and Román Partida-López, Environmental Equity Legal Counsel, The Greenlining Institute discussed the transportation electrification ecosystem working towards a collective goal of clean, affordable and equitable energy policies.

Video | Shaw Slides| Levy Slides | Partida-López Slides

May Webinar: Moving Goods With eCargo Bikes

Steve Gutmann, Senior Program Manager at Forth, Franklin Jones, Founder and CEO at B- Line Urban Delivery and Sam Starr M.Eng., MEL, Independent Consultant & Cycle Logistics Expert, discussed eCargo bike deliveries as the next movement in deliveries.

Video | Gutmann Slides | Starr Slides | Jones Slides

April Webinar: Cities Stepping Into Transportation Electrification

Erin Galiger, Program Manager at Forth, Ian Snow at the City of Denver, Dory Larsen, EV Program Coordinator at Southern Alliance for Clean Energy and Carla Walker, Climate Advisor, City of Cincinnati at Natural Resources Defense Council discussed the unique roles cities play in advancing transportation electrification. 

VideoGaliger Slides | Walker Slides | Snow SlidesLarsen Slides

April Webinar: Everything You Need To Know About Right-of-Way Charging 

Forth Program Manager, Erin Galiger will be joined by  Michael Samulon, Senior Policy Analyst, Sustainability of the Office of Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, Sarah Moore, Sustainability Program Manager at the City of Berkeley and Jennifer Venema, Sustainability Manager, City of Sacramento to explore promising models and strategies to make charging an electric car as easy as parking it.

Video | Galiger Slides | Moore Slides | Venema Slides

March Webinar: Why Workplace Charging?
Forth Program Manager, Anne Ramzy was joined by  Eric Smith, Regional Sales Manager at SemaConnect and Andrew Milian, Lead Electrical Engineer of Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Business Line at Burns & McDonnell to discuss the benefits of workplace charging, considerations when providing workplace charging and best practices for workplace charging.

Video | Ramzy Slides | Smith Slides |Milian Slides

February Webinar: Increasing Consumer Awareness of Electric Vehicles
Forth's Program Manager, Sergio López was joined by Kenneth Kurani, Associate Researcher at ITS-Davis and Lea Malloy, AVP of Emerging Technology, Cox Automotive Mobility Group to highlight current strategies to continue a trend toward widespread electric vehicle awareness.

Thank you to the webinar sponsor: Electrify America | Normal Now Slides
Video | Kurani Slides | Malloy Slides | López Slides

January Webinar: Clean Transportation for All | Electrifying Rural Communities
Forth’s Program Manager, Kelly Yearick and speakers  Dick Wanderscheid, Director Renewable Energy Special Projects, Renewable Energy Group at Bonneville Environmental Foundation and Eva DeCesaro, Sr. Program Manager, Electric Transportation at Pacific Power highlighted current programs to electrify transportation in rural communities.
Video | Yearick Slides | DeCesaro Slides | Wanderscheid Slides 


January Webinar: The Community eBike Project
Forth's Program Manager, Sergio Lopez discussed our recently published Community eBike Project.
Video | Lopez Slides 

February Webinar: Equity in Transportation Electrification
This interactive webinar explored the key dimensions of equity as it relates to transportation electrification programs. Forth Executive Director, Jeff and guest speaker Joel discussed why it is so critical to center equity early in program development, explored strategies for developing effective programs and highlighted some promising strategies, developments, and pilot projects.
Video | Presentation Slides

March Webinar: The Small Utilities' Approach to Transportation Electrification
Program Manager, Kelly Yearick and guest speakers Juan Serpa Muñoz, Business Line Manager at Eugene Water & Electric Board(EWEB) and Stu Green, Climate and Energy Analyst City of Ashland explored several approaches to promoting electric vehicles among utility customers. Our speakers focused on their current programs and key insights from their transportation electrification efforts.
Video | Muñoz Slides | Green Slides

April Webinar: Reach Your Driver Goals |The TNC Campaign
Forth's Program Manager, Tegan Molloy and guest speaker, Lauren Switzer, Oregon Marketing Manager at Lyft. They discussed the successes and challenges of current campaigns to electrify shared mobility.
Video | Molloy Slides

May Webinar: Building Codes and The Future of EVs
Our Program Manager, Eric Huang and guest speakers Ed Pike, Technical Lead at Energy Solutions and Hannah Goldsmith, Deputy Executive Director at California Electric Transportation Coalition for a webinar on current strategies for EV ready building codes and what the future holds.
Video | Huang Slides| Energy Solutions Slides

August Webinar: The Forth Guide to Ride and Drives
Forth’s Program Manager, Steven Alaman was joined by Terry Travis, Co-Founder at EVHybridNoire, and Kylie Morgan, Program Coordinator at Plug In America for a webinar exploring best practices for executing ride and drive events. 
Video| Alaman Slides| Morgan Slides | Travis Slides 

September Webinar: Dealership Engagement: Making The EV Case to Dealerships
Our Sr. Program Manager, Thor Hinckley, was joined by Hieu Le, Campaign Representative at Sierra Club to explore strategies to empower the dealerships to sell electric vehicles.
Video | Hinckley Slides | Le Slides 

October Webinar: Overcoming Barriers to Smart Transportation for Underserved Communities
Our Program Manager, Sergio López, was joined by Vivian Satterfield, Director of Strategic Partnerships at Verde will discuss how to address the smart transportation needs of underserved communities.
Thank you to the webinar sponsor: Ride Report
Video | Lopez Slides | Satterfield Slides 

November Webinar: The Micromobility Policy Playbook 

Our Senior Director of Public Affairs and Policy, Jeanette Shaw was joined by speakers Seth Shultz, Executive Director at Streets For All Coalition and Founder & CEO at Urban Breakthroughs and Regina Clewlow, CEO & Co-Founder, Populus to discuss current policies around micromobility guidelines and how city and state regulations can create safe streets while meeting sustainability, safety, and economic goals.
Thank you to the webinar sponsor: Ride Report | Intro Slides
Video |Shaw Slides | Schultz Slides | Clewlow Slides

December Webinar: Reviewing 2019 and Looking Forward to 2020 
Forth’s Executive Director, Jeff Allen was joined by AVERE’s Secretary General, Philippe Vangeel to recap the top electric transportation industry news of 2019, as well as give key insights into what’s to come in 2020.
Video | Allen Slides | Vangeel Slides 

Forth Webinar Series
2022 December Webinar: A Look Back at 2022 In Electric Transportation In the final webinar of 2022, Forth’s Jeff Allen facilitated a conversation with Garrett Fitzgerald, Senior Director of...